TOPER WEB - 飞机性能在线计算工具
TOPER WEB - 飞机性能在线计算工具
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  • TOPER WEB - 飞机性能在线计算工具
  • TOPER WEB - 飞机性能在线计算工具
  • TOPER WEB - 飞机性能在线计算工具
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Welcome to the world of more realistic flight simulation!

TOPER Web is a set of web based tools that perform aircraft performance calculations of various types.

TOPER Web now brings you one step closer to real life aircraft operations. With extensive database on Boeing 737 Next Generation, Boeing 777, Boeing 737 Classic*, PMDG 747*, Level-D 767* series performance, TOPER Web allows you to accurately calculate take-off and landing* performance at the click of a button.

TOPER Web is fully responsive web application and has been coded using latest front-end technology, which allows users to utilize it seamlessly from a wide variety of devices, such as: PCs, tablets, mobile phones, etc.

Now you can finally fly your favourite Boeing aircraft like a pro!


  • Worldwide database with close to 11,000 airports and 29,000 runways.
  • Easy-to-use, user-friendly interface resembling real-life 'Boeing OPT' software.
  • Real-life and MSFS performance data.
  • Various take-off FLAP, ASSUMED TEMPERATURE and V-Speed (V1,VR,V2) calculations.
  • Landing distance calculations.*
  • Take-off performance for type Boeing 737-600,-700,-800,-900 and Boeing 777-200ER,-200LR,-300 and -300ER series.
  • Multiple choice of units: kilograms (kg), pounds (lb), meters (m), feet (ft), hPa (hecto Pascal), inHg (inches of mercury).

Special offers:

Customers that have previously purchased any of TOPER Tool (Fly Pro: B777, B737NG, B737CL) series are entitled to additional bonus** days upon every subscription purchase:

  •  Buy 120 days, get +40 bonus free of charge.

* mentioned aircraft types/tools are in development stage and are not yet available at the time of release.
** list of customers eligible for a bonus is updated periodically, should the bonus fail to be added for any reason, customer is to contact the support in order to receive any applicable bonus days.

NOTE: Bonus days are available for customers that have used the same e-mail address as to purchase the TOPER Tool (Fly Pro: B777, B737NG, B737CL) series. No exceptions!

Access key:

Token access key after purchase*

* token key validity period is not additive and starts from the day of purchase.
Please DO NOT buy two or more token subscriptions at the same time or before current token's validity expires.

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