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    Navigating With the G1000 Glass Panel



    Make your simulations as realistic as possible by expertly using the G1000 glass panels and their variations for navigating your cross-country flights.


    New and Updated Information in Version 1.1


    Version 1.1 has been improved with additional and clarified information and enhanced visuals in response to user feedback.


    • Effects of winds
    • Use of CDI (course deviation indicator)
    • Adding and deleting flight plan navaids and waypoints
    • Differences between the PFD (primary flight display) and MFD (multi-function display)
    • Clarified focus and limits


    Navigate Precisely Anywhere in Your Simulator


    Glass instrument panels are mainstays of modern aviation. The Garmin G1000 is used by general and commercial aviation alike because it makes navigation information easy to read and use. Pilots always have a clear and concise picture of where they are and where they are going.


    In Microsoft Flight Simulator™ 2020, the Garmin G1000 or variations are available in these aircraft:


    • Beechcraft Baron G58
    • Beechcraft Bonanza
    • Beechcraft King Air 350
    • Cessna 172 Skyhawk
    • Cessna 208B Grand Caravan
    • Daher TBM 930
    • Diamond DA40 and DA42
    • Extra 330 LT (variation)
    • Flight Design CTSL (variation)
    • JMB VL-3 (variation)


    Master Navigating With the Garmin G1000 Glass Panel


    Learn to use the Garmin™ G1000’s multi-function display (MFD) and the primary flight display (PFD) to navigate easily and precisely anywhere in the world like a real pilot.

    • Read and decipher data on map screens and in windows
    • Learn functions of buttons and knobs
    • Change map and data screens for more information
    • Access detailed data about airports and waypoints
    • Change destination en route
    • Enable GPS in your omni-bearing indicator (OBI)
    • Set your autopilot to follow GPS
    • And much more


    Enjoy the Advantages of GPS Navigation


    • Navigating is easier and precise.
    • Direct routing shortens distances and durations.
    • Positions, distances, speeds, and estimated times are shown.
    • Guesswork is omitted.
    • Navigation errors are eliminated.
    • Valuable time is saved.
    • Fuel efficiency is maximized.


    Learn From an Instructional Video

    • Deliberately designed and constructed
    • Well organized presentation
    • Scripted and edited narration
    • Separate screens for each step
    • Animated highlights for key concepts
    • Clear explanations for everything


    Benefit From Professional Production

    • Meticulously planned
    • Thoroughly researched
    • Diligently constructed
    • Independently verified for accuracy
    • Separately reviewed for quality


    Use With Popular Software and Operating Systems

    • Uses common video players such as Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, and WinAmp
    • Instructions for use are included.
    • Duration 11:28 minutes
    • Download size 371 MB
    • Exclusively for home flight simulation


    Focus and Limits

    This video focuses on using the MFD and PFD in the Garmin G1000 glass panel for cross-country navigation. It uses Microsoft Flight Simulator™ 2020 because of its popularity. Basic principles and methods can be applied to similar navigation devices and other simulation programs.

    Being limited to navigation, this video does not explain everything a G1000 does such as autopilot and radios. It does not explain instrument approach procedures, which are explained in a dedicated video. It does not explain making and filing flight plans, which are explained in a separate video.


    Free Bonus Items

    To help you maximize your simulations, these items are included free of charge:

    • Transcript of entire video
    • V-Speed card
    • Concise list of MSFS 2020 keyboard shortcuts


    Relevancy Statement

    My flight-sim videos and books are only for home flight-simulation computer games. They are based on real aviation laws, regulations, and procedures so home flight-simulation enthusiasts can maximize their enjoyment. Because some aspects of home flight-simulation games are not exactly like real-world aviation, some information in my videos and books is not exactly like real-world flight. That is why these videos and books are not intended for and should not be used for real-world flight or lessons. No liability for misapplication of this flight-simulation video is accepted. – Bill Stack


    Use Your Time Productively

    Don’t lose valuable flight-simming opportunities searching the internet for flimsy freebies. Most are worth their cost. Ftldave says it best:

    “YouTube is hit or miss. Sometimes there's great, informative content, other times the videos are useless and unintelligible. How much time do you want to spend searching for the former, how much time to waste with the latter? As is often said about open software, the same is true for this: It's free if your time has no value to you.”

    Flight simmers have trusted, benefitted, and enjoyed my instructional books since 1997 and my videos sincd 2010.


    Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

    A lot of time and effort has been invested toward making quality products that are useful to people. Any video with manufacturing defects will be replaced at no cost. If you can show that the content of this video is not as described, your money will be refunded. If you find facts that you believe are in error, please let me know so I can evaluate them. – Bill Stack


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