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    Kinetic Assistant is a SimConnect utility that covers missing simulation or gameplay elements of the Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020). Desktop application read sim variables and return adjusted values (like speed and rotation) back into the game to simulate some specific conditions, uplift inside of artificial hotspot for example. Also it can insert objects into the game, like AI tow planes.

    Currently, these features are available: Winch, Tow, Hotspots, Catapult and Arresting gear, NMEA data exchange. All of them have limitations, so please read the description for each below.

    * Kinetic Assistant has ALBATROSS competitions app integrated. All flight plans, weather presets and other kind of data related to race events are property of their authors, you are not eligible to republish them anyhow without author approval.

    * Fully compatible aircraft:
    DG808S (freeware, available on msfs.touching.cloud)
    Discus2C (freeware, flightsim.to).

    * Partially compatible aircraft: any native or legacy MSFS glider or carrier based aircraft.

    * Hotspots data provided by thermal.kk7.ch and maps.openAIP.net services.

    Package includes

    * EXE application (installed .NET Framework is required)

    * Towplane tracks – can be used on any runway, just choose takeoff direction properly

    * Detailed PDF manual

    * KineticPanel – MSFS toolbar with navigation and quick control buttons (winch, push, tow), spiral and birds for hotspots, animated ropes and winch vehicle.

    Key features

    a. Winch is the simplest way to get your glider into the air. You can select rope length and elasticity, winch speed, initial acceleration, rope damage and random failures chances.

    b. You can replay the existing towplane route or create your own. Or just ask your friend to tow you on his favorite aircraft (but multiplayer towing has limitations). Available settings: connection point (nose, CG, tail), rope elasticity and damage. Also you can ask your crew to push you to the runway (no animated people though), use control device to move and rotate.

    c. Simple replay tool to record towplane and glider flights, then replay single aircraft or several at once.

    d. Catapult is a perfect option to take off from a small piece of land or aircraft carrier – set initial speed and prepare for launch. Any aircraft eligible for the catapult.

    e. Arrestor gear can be used for aircraft carrier landings or emergency landing training on the usual runway. You can use any aircraft, actual tailhook presence is not required.

    f. Hotspots are areas with updraft wind active during daytime, which can hold your glider in the air for a much longer time. You can load real life API hotspots or create your own map in LNM. Hotspots can be used together with native thermals (appear under wide clouds during hot temperature) and ridge lift (reflected wind).

    g. You can connect external gliding application (like XCsoar) with MSFS by NMEA protocol to receive basic information about the flight – location, altitude, airspeed etc.

    h. You can see other pilots, which uses KineticAssistant or ALBATROSS as well, on the world map

    i. You can teleport to any selected location/altitude on the world map immediatelly

    f. You can install and load any ALBATROSS Racing flight plan with related weather preset and participate in competition or perform training without need to care about best time.

    Detailed description available on official website

    How to install and launch

    1. Unpack archive content into Community folder or add-ons folder used by your favourite add-on manager app
    2. Launch “Kinetic Assistant.exe” file that inside of touchingcloud-tools-kineticassistant folder
    3. Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)
    4. Choose aircraft and start the flight
    5. Press CONNECT button in the program window
    6. Choose the tab you are planning to use
    7. Activate features of the selected tab
    8. You can bind hotkeys with required buttons if you are not willing to leave program on the screen

    How to uninstall

    Delete touchingcloud-tools-kineticassistant from Community folder.



    Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)

    .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher

    Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable


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    Marcel Gabriel

    awesome to have same possibilities than Condor2 into MSFS and participate to challenges


    Diese Software macht aus den schon eher mittelmäsigen Asobo-Seglern, echt gute Segelflugzeuge


    Cool tool for aircraft carrier landings and gliders.


    Excellent little addon. Very fun for the few fighter jets we have for MSFS and gliders can be used with the winch feature!


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