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Kinetic Assistant is a SimConnect utility that covers missing simulation or gameplay elements of the Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020). Desktop application read sim variables and return adjusted values (like speed and rotation) back into the game to simulate some specific conditions, uplift inside of artificial thermal for example.

Currently these features available: Winch, Aerotow, Thermals, Catapult and Arresting gear. All of them has limitations, so please read description for each below.

* Freeware carriers pack was released by superspud on and not included into package

* Freeware glider add-on DG808S available on and not included into package as well

How to use

  1. Unpack archive content (outside of Community folder)
  2. Launch "MSFS Kinetic Assistant.exe" file
  3. Launch MSFS
  4. Choose aircraft and start the flight
  5. Press CONNECT button in the program window
  6. Choose required tab
  7. Set controls for required buttons if you are not willing to leave program visible
  8. Follow instructions for selected tab


Assistant creates imaginary winch in selected distance from the players and then shorten the cable. Cable release can be performed manually, automatically when climb angle is high enough, or if string fail because of overload (can be disabled in settings).

To activate winch, follow instructions:

  1. shut down engines with Ctrl+Shift+E
  2. in the program set required values: higher String Length value will make towing longer so you can get higher altitude, String Speed will set starting winch speed (it will be decreased while you are climbing), Elastic Stretch - how much string length will change because of tension (lower value - steel, higher - rubber)
  3. while you on the ground and parking brakes engaged, press Attach winch cable or configured hotkey - virtual winch will be positioned in front of you at the same altitude, at selected distance minus 10m to avoid string tension
  4. when you ready, Disengage parking brakes, after 5 seconds delay launch will happen
  5. hold 30-45 degree pitch angle and selected airspeed until you reach required altitude, or winch will start to drag you down
  6. winch speed will be equal to selected value, but may be decreased because of high cable tension
  7. to release manually, press Release winch cable button in application or configured hotkey
  8. if angle to the winch position will be greater than 90 degree, cable will be released automatically


You can attach your glider, or any other aircraft, to another sim object by invisible string. By current limitation, game does not return other players aircraft on SimConnect request, so you can connect to the AI/Live traffic planes and ground service units only. However, some (most?) native MSFS planes has pilot objects inside, which can be detected by program. So if tow plane was chosen wisely by another player, you can connect cable to it.

  1. set preferred string length (scanning radius will be equal to 150% of the string length)
  2. select object type
  3. select elastic value; as string will be really short and low elastic value can't be processed properly at such low update rate, minimum total elastic stretch can be 5m minimum. It means for 100m string, even if 1% set in settings, it will be 5% in fact.
  4. select connection point; nose hook recommended for the towing as make controls simpler
  5. press Enable Scanning button
  6. in the list find aircraft (or pilot object inside of aircraft) to which you want to be attached
  7. press on the name label, string length will be set as distance to that aircraft + 5m
  8. once towing plane start moving, your aircraft will follow it
  9. press on aircraft label or Disable Scanning button to release tow string
  10. string will be released automatically if angle to the tow plane will be more than 90 degrees


Catapult is a simple script, that accelerate aircraft to the selected airspeed. Launch aborted in case if preferred speed was reached, or aircraft takes off.

  1. as aircraft experience significant overload during launch, you need to disable crashes in the game settings, or enable Developer mode
  2. take launching position - it can be on the carrier or on the land, just be sure you have enough space to take off
  3. Engage parking brakes
  4. set Takeoff Speed value - catapult will accelerate aircraft to this speed
  5. press Ready to launch button
  6. set required throttles level (normally about 80%)
  7. Disengage parking brakes and aircraft will receive acceleration immediately

Arresting gear

Arresting gear does not have any kind of hook/string collision calculations and activated after plane touching surface by one of the wheels or appear lower than 0.3m to the surface, while tailhook extracted (regardless is it presented/animated in the aircraft model or not) and speed more than 40 knots. After landing, aircraft experience negative drag force for the selected period of time. However, deceleration limited to 5G and if landing speed was too high, aircraft will roll more then ~100m which will cause arresting string failure.

  1. while in the air, set required Full Stop Time value - depends on landing speed of your aircraft, set lower value for high speed aircraft
  2. press Extract tailhook button, if model has animated tailhook - it will be extracted
  3. land on the carrier, or runway, or field; after first touchdown aircraft will experience drag force until full stop
  4. if you are not able to stop in ~100m, arresting string will fail (can be disabled in settings)
  5. after full stop string will be released and tailhook will be retracted automatically


Thermals are just coordinate points placed manually by user in the selected location. Assistant does not affect weather system anyhow, as such capabilities are not implemented in SimConnect of MSFS.

Thermal lift power calculated from different modifiers:

  • how close plane to the center of the thermal (horizontally, nonlinear)
  • how close plane to the top, from 0 at the ground level to 1 at elevation level, nonlinear; also, inversion layer exist up to 500ft above elevation
  • pitch/bank angle modifier
  • forward velocity modifier to prevent overspeed
  • additional forward speed compensation as SimConnect script creating unwanted drag force

To create thermals:

  1. Open flight plan in Little Navmap (or just to navigate to the area where are you planning to glide)
  2. create Userpoints at thermals locations with these parameters: ident - "thermal", type - "location", tags - thermal radius (in nautical miles, digit only), elevation (above ground in thermal location, in feet)
  3. Choose menu item Userpoints - Export CSV
  4. Press Load Thermals Map button in the Assistant
  5. Select CSV file
  6. Press Enable Thermals button
  7. While you are inside of thermal cylinder, you will experience lift; maximum value in the center of the cylinder, at selected altitude, after that lift power will decrease smoothly


  • to bind keyboard/joystick/mouse button to the Assistant function, press CTRL icon near to event button
  • select desired MSFS sim variable (currently lights only)
  • configure this event in MSFS controls settings
  • press this button twice in short period of time (with interval between 0.25-1.0 seconds), process can be described as "blink by lights"


  • no visible winch cable, arresting strings, launchpad
  • old tooltip does not disappear after new one added (SimConnect bug)
  • no launchpad animation (even if it exists) due to disabled related sim variable
  • catapult and arresting gear can be activated anywhere, not only on carriers
  • planes, controlled by other players does not appear in nearby objects list due to SimConnect bug; as temporary workaround - pilot inside of the other player's plane can be selected as towing target. That means planes without pilot object inside can't be used as a tow plane.
  • if you have problem with loading CSV file into assistant (it gives some error) first of all check that you have point as decimal delimiter in your system settings (not comma), then ensure that you have tag field set (it should contain at least single number greater than 0)
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*Verified Product User*
2021-01-02 04:02:15
Excellent little addon. Very fun for the few fighter jets we have for MSFS and gliders can be used with the winch feature!
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Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)

.NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher

Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable

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Customer Reviews
Excellent little addon. Very fun for the few fighter jets we have for MSFS and gliders can be used with the winch feature!
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