TURBINE SOUND STUDIOS - 波音 777 罗罗 TRENT-895 高清音效包 飞行员版本 FS2004
TURBINE SOUND STUDIOS - 波音 777 罗罗 TRENT-895 高清音效包 飞行员版本 FS2004
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EUR 11.08 不含增值税 
  • TURBINE SOUND STUDIOS - 波音 777 罗罗 TRENT-895 高清音效包 飞行员版本 FS2004
  • TURBINE SOUND STUDIOS - 波音 777 罗罗 TRENT-895 高清音效包 飞行员版本 FS2004
  • TURBINE SOUND STUDIOS - 波音 777 罗罗 TRENT-895 高清音效包 飞行员版本 FS2004
  • TURBINE SOUND STUDIOS - 波音 777 罗罗 TRENT-895 高清音效包 飞行员版本 FS2004
  • TURBINE SOUND STUDIOS - 波音 777 罗罗 TRENT-895 高清音效包 飞行员版本 FS2004
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Turbine Sound Studios proudly presents the Boeing 777 Rolls & Royce Trent-895 Pilot Edition soundpackage for FS2004 recorded in HD High definition.


本产品专门为 “Captainsim 和 Project Opensky FS2004 模型”开发( 其他模型也可使用本音效包 )。


  • 外部发动机声音
  • 内部发动机声音
  • 风声
  • 驾驶舱环境声
  • 起落架声音
  • 定制距离音效
  • 定制动态音效
  • 以及其他音效
  • 总计64个声音文件

All recorded in HD and compiled to meet Microsoft Flightsimulator specifications.

Rolls-Royce Trent is a British family of three spool, high bypass turbofan aircraft engines manufactured by Rolls-Royce plc. All are developments of the RB211 with thrust ratings of 53,000 to 97,000 pounds-force (240 to 430 kN). Versions of the Trent are in service on the Airbus A330, A340, A350, A380, Boeing 777, and 787. The Trent has also been adapted for marine and industrial applications.
At the same time, Boeing was investigating an enlarged development of its 767 model dubbed the 767X, for which Rolls-Royce proposed the Trent 760. By 1990 Boeing abandoned its planned 767X and instead decided to launch a new, larger aircraft family designated 777 with a thrust requirement of 80,000 lbf (360 kN) or more. The Trent 700's 2.47 m (97 in) diameter fan would not be big enough to meet this requirement, so Rolls proposed a new version with a 2.80 m (110 in) fan diameter, designated Trent 800.
Testing of the Trent 800 began in September 1993, and certification was achieved in January 1995. The first Boeing 777 with Trent 800 engines flew in May 1995, and entered service with Cathay Pacific in April 1996.
Initially Rolls-Royce had difficulty selling the engine; British Airways, traditionally a Rolls-Royce customer, submitted a large order for the competing General Electric GE90 engine. The breakthrough came when it won orders from Singapore Airlines, previously a staunch Pratt & Whitney customer, for its 34 Boeing 777s. The Trent 800 has a 41% share of the engine market on the 777 variants for which it is available.

PLEASE NOTE : Sound quality can be reduced in the promotion video ( Video converting )


PAINTSIM - LEVEL-D 波音767-300ER 高清涂装包3 FS2004
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EUR 9.95 不含增值税
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EUR 16.00 不含增值税
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EUR 21.00 不含增值税
JUSTFLIGHT - A340-500/600
I decide upload A-340.I'm looking forward to change Boeing.I guess it wont be problem.
MFSG - 马来西亚-诗巫机场 WBGS 2020 FSX P3D FS2004
Just did a flight from kuching-Sibu using the aerosoft a320 on fsx:se. Was really fantastic on the ILS approach. Very nice airport and not much effect on fps at all. Good job. WBGR pleasee next haha
AEROSOFT - 超级机场 法兰克福 V2 FSX P3D3
it looks great, but it's just not usable without VAS error messages, even if you reduce the graphics settings to an acceptable minimum in these times. I really hope to have an alternative product to this great airport some day.
SCENERYTR - 土耳其-伊斯坦布尔-萨比哈·格克琴国际机场 LTFJ FSX P3D
Just installed the upgraded version to v5,and like the former one, it's a real masterpiece. Waiting for its Ankara v5 version, that should be available very soon. Hoping for other Turkish airports, and why not dream for an Incirlik AB?
SIM SKUNK WORKS - 菲亚特/意大利空军 G91 A/R/PAN P3D V5.X
Moshe Aron
Very awkward installation and registration. -
The manual is very difficult to read, hence one does not know how to put the aircraft into action.
JUSTSIM - 土耳其-加兹帕萨-阿拉尼亚机场 LTFG P3DV4.4+
It's a good product with some bugs to fix. E.g. there are runway edge lights on the runway at backtrack 26. Or the terminal is flickering in some cases.
Just installed in P3D v5; great job and giant steps since pensacola (one of the first airport purchased). I just moved the folders into the P3D root folder, since I don't like having add-ons in the Documents, in C: drive. let's hope for further upgradings of all the other SXAD airports.
I've bought or tried just about every single cessna sound package available the past twenty years. Many were not good at all, most were just variants of another, and a few had some very good sounds. This sound package tops them all. Every single sound in this package is outstanding! I have never been so satisfied with any, ANY, sound package as much as I am with this one. It is very easy to install, has easy to understand instructions for installing into the default C-172 as well as instructions and files for installing into Carenado's C-172 and Airfoilab's C172. The sounds are perfect at every RPM, and there is no noticeable looping effect at all. And since I fly the C172 and C182 more than any other plane, in real world and in the various sims, this one, by far, is the absolute best available. Outstanding Job, SimAcoustic!
SAMSCENE - 韩国首尔 WOW 城市地景 FSX P3D4 P3D5
Another great city landscape by Samscene - and like the others, this delivers great framerates while making the city come alive. Stock P3D doesn’t do justice to these dense megalopolises but the Wow packages really make you feel immersed. Nice job!
This is a great add-on, being the second Paris airport. But the most important thing is - for me -, to underline the outstanding and quick support I got from mr Thomas, concerning a issue I faced in the scenery. And as I wrote in other reviews, the customer support is for me a great quality. Now, let's wait for the other upgrades.