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    Sonderborg X is a realistic and highly detailed rendition of Sønderborg Airport (EKSB, SGD). The airport is located on the island of Als in Southern Jutland, Denmark, a few kilometers from Sønderborg City, next to the beautiful Augustenborg Fjord, and not far from the Danish-German border. The airport has several daily flights to Copenhagen Kastrup Airport (EKCK, CPH). The route is operated by Danish Air Transport, DAT. The flying time bet9ween Copenhagen and Sønderborg is about 40 minutes. Sønderborg Airport (EKSB, SGD) was established in 1966. The airport has a 1,800-meter runway, which can be used by aircraft such as the Boeing 737. The control tower and the runway is well equipped with modern navigation aids and the airport can be operated in virtually any weather. Sonderborg X is compatible with ORBX FTX Germany North. Please note: This scenery is not compatible with FSX "Preview DirectX 10".

    Please note: Commercial use of this product requires a special license. Please contact SimNord directly for commercial licenses inquiries.


    • Highly detailed rendition of Sønderborg Airport (EKSB, SGD)
    • 40 cm/pixel aerial image covering the northern part of Kær Peninsula
    • Dynamic apron lightning (P3D only)
    • Dynamic windsock (SODE required)
    • High resolution (2048x2048 pixels) photorealistic building textures
    • Custom modeled trees, grass
    • Custom made GA AI traffic (FSX only)
    • Custom modeled objects, farm buildings and vehicles
    • Animated hangar doors (FSX only)


    FSX, FSX:SE, P3Dv3, P3Dv4 or P3Dv5
    Windows  7, 8,10
    Installations size: 749 MB


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    Super low price and gorgous quality. The "Orbx of Denmark" (but with much better performance). Recommended!
    Review of Danish Airfields X – Sønderborg Airport Created by VidanDesign. Sønderborg Airport is a Danish medium size AFIS airport located in the southern part of Jutland in Denmark only 7 km from Sønderborg city. The airport is currently operated by Sønderborg municipality but the advisory board and the council has decided that the airport within a near future, should change status to be a bi-national airport supporting both the southern part of Denmark and the northern part of Germany (Flensburg). About 350 people work at Sønderborg airport or at the companies located at the airport which is Alsie Express, Amicos, BenAir, Climb2, DAT, Skyways and several others. There are between 15 and 30 commercial aircrafts based at Sønderborg airport together with 6 GA aircraft used primarily by the aero club and for training. Currently there is no helicopter service but during the summer of 2013, Sønderborg airport will start up a course and training for commercial helicopter pilots. There are 10-15,000 flight operations per year which equals to a total of app. 80,000 passengers going through the terminal per year. The total number of people that Sønderborg airport supports are 980.000 people where 60% is located in Denmark and the remaining 40% is located in Flensburg, Germany. The airport features one runway 14/32 with an asphalt surface and a length of 5,895 feet – the elevation is 7 meters AMSL and the ICAO code is EKSB. The Sønderborg X scenery package is a scenery with a file size of about 289Mb that covers the entire EKSB Sønderborg Airport with both airport buildings, surroundings and lights placed in the water at the end of the runway. The installation was very simple and went with ease and without any issues. I just activated the included installation wizard and that took care of the entire installation. That said, after the installation was completed I had to manually activate the scenery in the FSX scenery library, but this was very easy to do and no issue at all. If you don't know how to, then this is described in details in the included manual on page 4 - also a specific explanation for Win7 users. The installation wizard did not only install the add-on scenery but also a seasoning tool that enables the simmer to select specific texture sets for either summer, fall or winter. This is an excellent tool that is very user friendly and really provides the simmer with a better set of textures to be used when flying the scenery in various seasons. The included manual / guide is a PDF file with 14 pages describing various user information and also general airport information. I would recommend to read or skim the manual before using the scenery just to be sure to get the best from the scenery. You can get answers for a lot of the standard FAQs just by reading the manual, and the manual is written very well and very understandable. After setting the season and reading the manual I started up FSX and took “Bob” for a walk around the scenery. By using “Bob” (orbx) I was able to walk around the entire scenery to view all the details that VidanDesign has included in this scenery package. On my secondary monitor I had Google-Earth running so that I was able to check and verify the correct location etc of the buildings, fences, refueling station etc. Walking through this scenery was an incredible experience indeed – it became very quickly clear to me, that VidanDesign has really put in a lot of time and effort in creating this airport to be as realistic as possible, and VidanDesign has succeeded perfectly in my opinion. The scenery is very realistic and features the specific and unique buildings that are at EKSB in real life. Everything is handcrafted and the detailing is awesome. Where ever I turned my view I continuously found more and again more new details inform of e.g. signs, vehicles, fences, other airport material, buildings, pallets, container etc. It was indeed a true pleasure to walk around this amazing and very detailed scenery. When I viewed the scenery from above using the default Bell206B, I could easily verify the location of all buildings according to the image I had from Google Earth. The location of all buildings were superb, actually I could see that the scenery contained a building that was not on Google Earth, but that was due to that the image on Google Earth was taken before EKSB started the construction of this new building. This I have confirmed from other pictures taken from EKSB. I really like the unique details that VidanDesign has created to give the buildings a realistic look and bring the scenery alive by creating an atmosphere. The buildings features e.g. corrosion, miscolors, algae etc and that is some really nice details which VidanDesign has been able to create perfectly. I now turned my focus to the parking lot – there are actually 2 parking lots which seem to be very realistic. I have never been at EKSB in real life, but I could see that VidanDesign again had a full focus on the realism. The parking lot is created with good textures and features of course vehicles, but also very specific signs, light poles with lights activated at night, marking on the asphalt that resembles the real life markings and fences etc. Walking the parking lot gave me a very realistic experience of arriving to EKSB as a passenger before entering the terminal building. Going to the opposite side of the terminal building I now found myself located on the apron. The apron is also very well made with good quality ground textures, realistic and true to real life markings and of course various airport material, vehicles and static aircrafts. Walking out the terminal and turning left towards the hangars I quickly set my focus on the main hangar. I saw a sign on the right side of the hangar door/port saying that to open the port please set NAV2 on frequency 112,00 and wait 30 seconds – this I of course tried and YES, the hangar door/port was actually animated so that I now could enter a very realistic hangar bay. This was a very surprising feature and very well made – now, it could be even better if I could also select a parking spot to be inside the hangar, but that is not included. I continued the walk on the apron and saw additional buildings that again was made to a high level of quality, good quality textures and a stunning detailing. There were not only included these very beautiful buildings but also a refueling station including a refueling truck etc, and when I turned my view to the other apron side of the terminal I there found a shed, additional buildings including the firefighting truck, car etc. I also noticed that the person inside the tower was actually animated – superb detail! After spending a lot of time on the apron I walked past the emergency building and turned right – I now found myself at the GA parking area where there were included a lot of various static aircrafts + actually also a static person looking towards the runway – nice detail. Another really awesome detail that is included is the old renovated farm buildings at the corner of the airport. These buildings are created perfectly and merged into the scenery beautifully. I verified these buildings on Google Earth also, and everything is perfectly placed. I had now walked the entire scenery several times and was continuously stunned by the details – I just kept on finding more details that all contributed to a exceptional realistic experience of this unique Danish airport. I now decided to get a closer look at the taxi and runways – the textures used are very realistic and good quality and I especially like the markings on the runway. I checked every inch of the runway against the images from Google Earth and the resemblance was really remarkable. All markings was as the images of the real life runway, and when taking a closer look, I could also see the cracks in the surface and the roughness that the runway edges has – all in all a really superb taxi and runway where VidanDesign again have had the full focus and an eye for the details. Included in the scenery is of course AI traffic which also contributes to add life and atmosphere to the scenery. The airport scenery has a night illumination which is true to real life and which features a soft light from a distance, but when walking the scenery the lights are clear and bright and gives the simmer a really realistic night environment. All light poles are illuminated, there are lights above the hangar doors, various lights at the taxi and runway, lights inside the terminal building and inside some of the other buildings/hangars. It looks very realistic and peaceful and when arriving to Sønderborg airport during the dusk or night, the experience I got of this airport was indeed very realistic. My conclusion of this scenery is that the scenery is very well made with an eye for the details. It features special and very unique buildings, a complete airport environment in regards to signs, fences, markings on asphalt, static vehicles, static aircrafts, specific airport vehicles, passenger staircase, containers, pallets etc which all contributes to a realistic environment, and of course the most important feature – a very realistic atmosphere. AI traffic and the possibility to access the main hangar is just some of the many superb additions this scenery has, but even though this scenery is completely filled with all these cool features and details it has absolutely no impact on the frame rates. I am very impressed by this scenery which is created by VidanDesign and rate it a full house of 5/5-Stars. Only one thing missing was more animated people walking around the scenery, but I did notice that there were several animated bird flying around which also contributed to add life to the scenery. I thank VidanDesign for creating and contributing to the flightsim community with this excellent and true to real life airport scenery – This is in my opinion one of the best sceneries of Danish airports made for flight simulator, so if you like Danish GA flight, then I would most certainly recommend purchasing this product. Rays Aviation


    Overall this is a really nice scenery. Given its size you can comfortably operate aircraft up to 737/A320 size though I would imagine large props and regional jets would feel most at home given the runway is quite narrow. There is excellent detail throughout the scenery as you can see in the screenshots. Textures are a high quality with the HD making a real difference. Its pretty obvious photos have been used for the majority of the buildings with some lovely reflections in the glass showing whats going on inside. In one area Vidan Design have duplicated the reflection in the glass of a white car by having a white car sitting in the carpark where it would be. This is clever and indicative of the thought and care that has gone into the development of the scenery. I liked the inclusion of an animated hangar door using NAV tuning. Runway signs and lights are effective and clear, and the ground markings on the runway are very good with the paint looking suitably old and crusty. Using the tool to change seasons gives nice contrast throughout the year with summer, fall/Autumn and winter having unique texture sets. From a performance point of view Sonderborg is frame rate friendly and I was able to maintain smooth performance throughout my land and air based explorations. If I was going to ask for a few improvements they would be that night lighting be added to the hangar, it looks real dark and spooky in there at night :) and adding some traffic to the main road will increase the immersion factor. If I was going to be really picky I would look at the models used for cars in the carpark, the wheels could do with some smoothing. Overall I would rate Sonderborg X 7/10. Adding the touches mentioned above would push this rating to 8.5. This scenery is well worth a look.


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