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    Short Stirling for Microsoft Flight Simulator

    The Short Stirling was the RAF's first operational four-engined bomber of the second World War and in its day it was reputed as an advanced and formidable aircraft.The Short Stirling was initially conceived in 1936 in reply to advances made by the Americans and Russians in the area of quadri-motor bomber technology. The first Stirling prototype was designed in 1938 and it eventually flew for the first time on 14th May 1939 but suffered a hard landing due to collapsed undercarriage, writing off the airframe and forcing a redesign in that area. Despite being hampered by a poor choice of wing design (too-short span) which limited the aircraft to medium altitude only, the Stirling went onto to play a major part in RAF Bomber Command's strategic air offensive until 1943, when it was switched to transport duties. Even then Stirling crews valiantly played a major role in the Arnhem landing after towing gliders to Normandy, and again during the Rhine crossing. Sadly, no Stirlings have survived to the present day.

        Aircraft variants included :

        - Stirling Mk.1 : W7451. 7 Squadron, RAF Oakington, Cambridgeshire, England, early 1941.
        Manufactured by Austin Motors, Longbridge, Birmingham.

        - Stirling Mk.3 : EF411. 149 Squadron, RAF Mildenhall, Suffolk, England, late 1942.
        Manufactured by Short Bros., Rochester, Kent.

        - Stirling Mk.4 : LK117 570 Squadron, RAF Harwell, Oxfordshire, England, 17 September 1944.
        Manufactured by Short & Harland, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

    Features :

    - PBR materials/textures used throughout
    - VR tested
    - Wwise soundscape, Hercules engine sounds, switch/knob clicks
    - very detailed cockpit with numerous animations and mousable controls
    - working Lorentz Indicator (uses DME/NAV1 LOC)
    - working Beam Approach Indicator (uses NAV1 LOC)
    - independently dimmable red flood and gauge lighting
    - independently dimmable Navigator's desk lamp
    - working and animated landing lights
    - 4 cockpit viewpoints
    - togglable crew ladder
    - togglable crew figures
    - animated cockpit windows, bomb bay doors in both wings and fuselage
    - animated cowl flaps
    - authentic flight model
    - 28-page illustrated User Operating Manual


    This product features our simInstaller technology and is available after purchase via our APP only.


    Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS)


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    The plane looks pretty good both interior and exterior! The sound of the engines is not good at all! For take off and landings it is impossible to control. Even with using variable throttle to control the strong banking to the left, it is still impossible to control during take off and landings. The rudder has almost no authority while taking off and landing


    I only have one major issue with this plane, and that is the take off, and landing. Sure, I can deal with it swerving off to the left on rotation, but the problem seems to be with the rudder, it doesn't do anything! you can rudder all you want, but it does zero and all you can do is try to take off before you crash into the trees. If you would ever fix your stuff, I might buy from you again.


    Personally, I can't recommend this payware plane. Why? First of all, for 30 dollars you get much more graphically and system accurate and better modeled airplanes that reach study level. This airplane is only made to do a small visual flight round. The navigation via VOR works, but it is not possible to catch a radio beam to follow the exact radial (although it is described in the manual). Therefore it is not possible to simulate accurate long distance flights without using the MSFS map. Unfortunately, the sound also leaves a lot to be desired. In some engine power levels, sound tracks overlap so strangely that the speakers or headphones start to creak. Also, the engine sounds are much too quiet in the cockpit. The modeling of the aircraft is very poor and really just looks like a converted model from another flight simulator. The hull looks very washed out and not detailed. The instruments do not have any luminescence but are only illuminated with a yellowish light from behind. I don't know how the lighting was in the real plane, but for a night flight a more atmospheric lighting with instrument luminescence would have been much nicer. Engine gauges are also missing in the cockpit (the engineer place was not modeled). So monitoring the engine is limited to RPM and manifold pressure. I like historical war planes very much and was happy to finally be able to fly one. Meanwhile I would have rather invested the money in the upcomming Lancester from Aeroplane Heaven. In my opinion they are trying to make money with enthusiasts for such planes. What is offered is extremely little. Maybe they should have paid less attention to opening 100 windows in the cockpit and programmed system depth without bugs. Unfortunately it is no fun to fly the plane. If it were offered for 15 dollars, you could tolerate many problems and overlook them, but not for such a price. The Concorde, for example, was programmed by only one person, but offers three times the system depth for almost the same price (and much better modeling). What good can I say? The cockpit is very clean but nicely detailed (in the front). The flight dynamics feel heavy and fitting to the plane. The sound of the engine noise is in itself also appropriate. The autopilot works very well. No problems or loss of performance in VR. Good documentation for the aircraft. The visible bombs under the bomb bay doors are also great, great that you can drop (hide) them. That's it for now. Anyway, thanks for this plane and I hope for updates soon to be able to put my trust in other products from you soon. For everyone else, wait until the plane has been updated or for another programmer who invests a little more work for the money he charges.


    Nice aircraft, very much enjoying it. But as others have said it really is important for full enjoyment to be able to hear other Stirlings in Multiplayer. Also it seems as yet for me the RPM gauges are still going crazy, in spite of latest V1.1 update in which it was said this was fixed


    This is a Fantastic Historical aircraft. It looks right, it feels right, it sounds right. BUT.. One thing i am disappointed about there is no interactive checklist you have to use the checklist in the manual ( which is a very good manual admittedly) but its a pain having to toggle windows to read then execute it in the sim. Asobo/microsoft did a lovely in game checklist seems a shame to then ignore it, i will knock one star off for this otherwise this is a 5 star aircraft


    please can we have engine sounds so we can hear other stirlings


    nice WW2 Plane add historically working Bomber sight and Optic to drop the Bombs. For the Bombs add red smoke so the player can see where the Bombs hit. After this we get a new gameplay in MSFS 2020 ;)


    Beautiful plane and has perfect flying dynamics. Windows and doors work fine and sounds are perfect.


    3D Cockpit is really nicely textured. Comes with documentation that can be found within it's folder inside the community folder. Why 4 stars! Start-up sounds seem to lack base and authority, I am no Stirling expert but I feel as the engines start up sound is far too quick, especially for engines 2 and 3. Navigator's panel that sits behind and lower than the cockpit is not at the same standard as the cockpit itself. Also, does not come with an in-game checklist. Not a deal breaker cause they have supplied checklist and document in the folder but for 30 euros, an in-game checklist would be nice to have. I would say, only buy if you are into WW2 aircraft and like to have a bit of fun. Do not buy if you want a study level aircraft cause you will not get one!!


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