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    UPDATED Version 3.11.99 - 2024-02-15

    Virtualcol is thrilled to bring you a recreation of the model 99 Commuter for Microsoft® Flight Simulator®, including the analog cockpit and glass cockpit, with the option to change directly from the cockpit, open the main door, and modify the baggage container located down of the fuselage using the tablet included. The version also includes 20 liveries and the freighter version with one livery.

    This package includes the following liveries:

    -Altair Airlines

    -American Eagle

    -Allegheny Commuter Airlines

    -Ameriflight (Cargo)

    -Air Florida

    -Air Vegas

    -Danish Air Transport

     -Eastern Express

    -Hummingbird Air

    -InterCaribbean Airways

    -Marco Island Airways

    -Mesaba Airlines

    -Air Midwest

    -Mississippi Valley Airlines

    -Pilgrim Airlines

    -Piedmont Airlines

    -Policia Nacional de Colombia

    -Sunbird Airlines

    -TAT European Airlines

    -Wagisla Airlines

    NOTE: This product is NOT a Study Level, just for game and fun, recommended for beginners and flight simmers. NOT REFUNDS GIVEN!!


    This product features our simInstaller technology and is available after purchase via our APP only.


    Minimum requirements similar to those needed to use MSFS. If your simulator works well, our product works well because it is developed for low resource consumption.


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    I gave up on the very early model as a bad job but seeing a recent update version I reinstalled and found a simple flyable aircraft that I have enjoyed revisiting - nice job Virtualcol, you're getting there ..


    Agréable à piloter mais disfonctionnement par moment du pilote auto et extinction surprise de la radio et tous les système, monsieur le développeur pouvez-vous améliorer cet appareil revoir l'intérieur, mettre de meilleure texture.


    J'aime bien voler avec cet avion, il mériterais une amélioration esthétique ce serais sympa, sinon pour moi tout le reste ok.


    I'm really enjoying this aircraft, which was historically important during the initial growth of regional airlines in the US. The flight model has been improved, and it's great to have a steam-gauge version of the Beech. Only flaw, that I hope gets some attention, is the sound-set, which needs a WWise upgrade so it's not a high-pitched and whiny. Well worth the price.


    Simple but good flying aircraft (after the update). Compared to other MSFS aircraft the panel is nearly fully working.


    This aircraft has a very unique and quite good-looking appearance. But the interior and instruments and still need quite a few updates, and the flight model also needs to be adjusted under (even idle speed is also powered more). I think it still has potential, and I hope the author will actively update it. At the moment I think it is 3 stars.


    Overall I think this aircraft is pretty good, but it has the potential to be a lot better. She's a joy to fly, however the power delivery seems a bit off. unless you're giving it less than ~20% throttle, it won't slow down. You can very quickly overspeed this plane if you're not careful. When taxiing the plane can speed up by itself very quickly even if the engines are at idle, it's quite annoying to have to ride the brakes all that time. Flaps don't seem to do terribly much either, I would think they'd slow you down a lot more than they actually do. I had to rely almost entirely on reverse thrust to get to stay at approach speed. The exterior model is very nice. I think they could give the props better textures when they're spinning, but other than that it is well done. The cockpit however needs work, the model is not that great, all of the textures are very low-res and the sounds from the interior are just not good. A lot of switches don't have sound at all(i.e. the landing gear lever). You can't tell a difference in power just by listening because the engine sounds the exact same at 50% N1 as it does at 100% N1. I know VirtualCol has had a good reputation for updating their aircraft in the past so I hope these issues get adressed with further updates.


    Purchased this Beechcraft 99 tonight, took it out for a spin, and had a very good time. As mentioned in an earlier review below, there is no more catastrophic stall with full flaps. I flew her in with full flaps on final for a mile or so, and she held 80 to 85 knots at about 10% power, and I had full control of her for a nice soft landing. She retains a lot of energy like a Mooney Bravo, so bring her in slow. Still needs brighter instruments and cockpit lights at night (it is very hard to see the RPM levers and instrument knobs). Still has reverse logic mouse wheel on cockpit instruments - up means down, and down means up. Has a good collection of nice liveries, but the cockpit glass looks like it's been through WWII. They need to clean the glass up quite a bit to match the newness of the liveries. The outside world looks darker from inside the cockpit than when in outside view. Maybe this means tinted glass, and if that is the case, this is ok. But if a Beech 99 doesn't have tinted glass, they need to brighten up the view of the world from inside the cockpit to match the outside view brightness. Due to the fact that Virtualcol has a good reputation, and they are already on v1.8.2 in just two weeks, I think this Beech 99 is going to turn into a very good aircraft sim. Not sorry I bought it, and looking forward to future updates! Overall, she flew just fine.


    Not sure what everyone is so upset about for a sim aircraft that costs under $20. It's not the worst plane I've ever flown. It feels like an early-release in terms of sound and instrument functionality, but it's also not a study-level aircraft. My only complaint are the sounds. Still, it flies well and is enjoyable enough.


    Like most of the other reviews right now I would very much consider this a work in progress, has the basis to be OK and fill an interesting gap in what is offered within MSFS but needs quite a lot of work to even get upto the default level


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