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    Complete version including including all the features from Airbus Series Vol.2 + Evolution.
    Aircraft included : Airbus A330-200, A330-300, A340-300, A340-600, A330-300 MRTT and the latest Evolution technological improvements.


    The best just got better !

    Wilco Publishing is extremely pleased to announce the long-awaited upgrade for their Airbus collection : Airbus Series Evolution.
    Developed by highly qualified programmers, with the help of active professional pilots, this addon is a major technological break-thru of the famous Airbus suite.
    Airbus Series Evolution is today's most advanced, most realistic, most complete Airbus simulation for Microsoft Flight Simulator (X/2004).
    The name says it all : Airbus Series Evolution is Airbus Series Volume 1 logical evolution. Lots of new functionalities have been implemented.
    They unveil the modern technology and embarked systems typical to the Airbus philosophy.
    Airbus Series Evolution is delivered as an Airbus Series Vol.1 or as a full version allowing you to discover the Wilco Publishing Airbus range.
    Airbus Series Evolution is for anyone eager to discover the fascinating world of Fly-By-Wire technology as well as Airbus high-end systems.
    Whatever your knowledge level is - beginner or expert - the user's manual will teach you step by step all systems and procedures. The three operating modes - beginner - intermediate - expert - allow you to take control of your aircraft in three different ways : engines running, ready for take-off, or cold and dark on the apron.

    On top of Airbus Series Vol.2 features, Airbus Series Evolution implements the following systems :


    Airbus Series Evolution features a highly advanced Weather Radar developed by RealityXP. It is fully integrated into the Navigation Display (ND) and follows the ND range/mode and brightness settings. The route and the moving map are still visible as they are displayed on top of the weather radar display. The Weather Radar can be activated from the 2D cockpit only.


    Based on specifications from the real manufacturer, a Head-Up Display has been integrated into the Airbus Series Vol.1 and Vol.2. Your aircraft can land in any visibility conditions, whatever the weather.
    All the necessary flight informations are displayed on the HUD so that no other instrument is needed. You can look through the window while flying the aircraft on the right trajectory. The HUD is useful to manually fly low-visibility approaches. It even allows the lower the minimal visibility distance.
    The HUD is designed to be used in full-screen mode and can be displayed in the 2D cockpit too.


    • SID/STAR Management
      One of the most important improvement of Airbus Series Evolution is in the management of the SID/STAR procedures. The information management contained in the database has been improved so that all the waypoints that describe a SID or STAR procedure are no taken into account, whatever their type. This is especially visible for waypoints that describe a turn to a waypoint or a radial interception because a nice curved route is then drawn on the navigation display (ND).In order to take advantage of these improvements, getting a recent version (AIRAC) of the navigation database is strongly recommended. You can get a more recent database at Navigraph.
    • DIR Operation
      The DIR operation used to proceed direct to a route waypoint is improved. A temporary flight plan is created (like for any flight plan modification) and requires a validation. In addition, the trajectory is drawn as the aircraft flies, with a curved route when appropriate.
    • Holding Patterns
      The aircraft flies the holding pattern trajectory almost perfectly. Flight tests have also been conducted with crosswind.
    • Target Altitude
      The target climb or descent altitude is shown on the route with a blue arrow and its position is updated in real time. These arrows are sometimes called “hockey sticks”.
    • TOC Real-Time Update
      The position of the top-of-climb (TOC) point is computed in real time. It is very important if the ATC asks for a level during the climb. If it happens, the TOC point is moved accordingly instead of being wrongly positioned.
    • Second ADF
      A second fully functional ADF receiver has been added. On the navigation display, 2 different green needles can show the 2 ADF signals.
    • SID/STAR filtering
      When a departure or arrival runway is selected, only the SID/STAR procedures that apply for the selected runway are displayed. Hiding the useless procedures reduces the list of the displayed SID/STAR, making the selection easier.
    • Flight Plan Edition
      When a new waypoint is inserted on the F-PLN page (immediate waypoint insertion) at the place of a discontinuity, the discontinuity is shifted down and no discontinuity is added.
    • Flight Plan Display
      As the aircraft flies toward the next waypoint, the displayed distance to the next waypoint is updated in real time.
    • Approach Speed
      The managed speed on approach depends on the flap handle position instead of depending on the flaps position, like in the real aircraft. This makes the approach the approach smoother with less variation of engine power.
    • Updated Flight Management System Database
      Thanks to a partnership with Navigraph, the latest navigation database (December 2010) is provided with Airbus Series Evolution. This database is up-to-date and contains much more information than the database originally provided with the Airbus Series. This is especially true for Europe, most airports have all the SID/STAR procedures available.

    The navigation database is updated every month, you can keep updating it by visiting Navigraph here: http://www.navigraph.com.


    • Electricity
      All the electric devices, such as lights (landing, taxi, beacon, strobes) and the 6 EFIS screens (PFD, ND, E/WD and SD) are properly managed and can be switched ON only if the appropriate electric source is available, APU, GPU or engine generator.
    • Alert Clear and Recall
      The alerts displayed on the E/WD can be cleared and recalled if necessary. This is important when a master caution alert is shown because it blocks the display of the take off/landing memo.
    • Fly-by-Wire (auto-coordination)
      The fly-by-wire system provides auto-coordination. The rudder pedals are active even if auto-coordination is active. This allows you to "kick" the aircraft, very important with crosswind, like in the real aircraft.
    • Computed Speeds
      The FACs (Flight Augmentation Computers) are in charge of computing the Green Dot, F and S speeds. Consequently, these speeds are not displayed on the PFD speed tape if both FACs are off.
    • Fuel Tank Management
      The center tank fuel feeding is active only when the slats/flaps are not extended. During take off and landing, each engine must be fed by its own tank. In case of a fuel problem, both engines would not stop at the same time.
    • Metric Altitude
      The metric altitude is implemented: the FCU selected altitude is displayed on the bottom part of the SD.
    • Speed Brake Alert
      A new alert has been implemented to display a warning if the speed brakes are deployed while the engines are providing thrust.
    • FADEC
      Improved multi-throttle devices to control each thrust lever independently.
    • Engine and Door Selection
      Improved engine selection from FS standard keys E-1, 2, 3, 4. This allows separate engine control with a single throttle lever.
      Also valid for doors selection: Shift-E-1 and 2 open/close the aircraft doors.
    • Radio
      The radio master switch located on the Radio Management Panel is efficient and the radio stops when the switch is off. In addition, this switch is turned off when cold & dark option is selected.
    • Hydraulics - Yellow Electric Pump
      The yellow electric pump has its own sound, familiar to all the A320 passengers.
    • Landing Lights
      On the A320 (Airbus Series Vol. 1), a specific sound is heard when the landing lights are deployed. This is because the landing lights on these aircrafts are deployed below the wings when they are turned on.
    • MCDU AIRAC Cycle and Version
      The AIRAC cycle is displayed on the MCDU A/C STATUS Page.
      In addition, the current version of the Wilco Airbus systems has been added on this same page, at the VERSION line.
    • SD DOOR Page
      The door status page shows the right door selections.
    • Network Flying
      The TCAS mode is fully compliant with the IVAO/SquawkBox TCAS specifications, very useful for network flights. The AUTO mode is implemented so that the TCAS is automatically set to C-mode when the aircraft leaves the ground, and set back to standby mode when the wheels touch the ground upon landing.
    • 32-bits rendering
      The EFIS screens (PFD, ND, E/WD and SD) are now rendered in 32-bits mode. Rendering is improved without any impact on the refresh rate.


    • Push-back steering (FSX)
      FSX users will be happy to see the aircraft can be steered during pushback with PPU in FSX. This feature used to work in FS2004 only.
    • Cold & Dark (FSX)
      The Cold & Dark feature can be activated through a key press. The key can be defined in the key configurator
    • Multiple Monitor Display
      Improved multi-monitors management for pedestal and overhead consoles.
    • Expert Mode
      Improved Expert mode with no more MCDU assistance.

    The CALL! series from feelthere may not be compatible with the new Airbus Series Evolution.

    Airbus Series Evolution requires Microsoft Flight Simulator X or 2004 to run. Airbus Series Evolution is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP 32 bits, Vista 32 bits, Seven 32-64 bits. All aircraft liveries previously installed must be reinstalled after Airbus Series Evolution installation.

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    FSX FS2004 Prepar3D
    This add-on works with Prepar3D v1.x but not Prepar3D v2.

    This product requires an online activation during the installation process on your Flight Simulator computer.


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    So I made the mistake of purchasing wilcos A330 evolution from simmarket since Ive grown a bit tired of other aircraft and wanted to give this plane a try. Normally im not a airbus fan but the A330 has been my most favorite airbus plane and since there are no good 2d panels for the A330 and I wanted some reasonable systems simulations Ive decided to get this. I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO COMPLETE ONE FLIGHT BECAUSE IT KEEPS CRASHING MY SYSTEM!. I run FSX on windows 10 64-bit with all admin rights and UAC & AV turned off. But for some reason when I apply thrust to TOGA power FSX crashes, then I load the plane in 3 seconds later FSX crashes, then I spawn the plane in midair 5 seconds later FSX crashes. I have no idea why its doing this I've gotten the latest version and I thought they should have fixed this by now. I now have a plane I paid for but can't fly.


    Fantastic product! it works really well.. i fly the A330/340 of wilco every day and it is really well done! all the system are simulated in a good way and all of the instruments works perfectly! for Windows 7 user the sim crashes when you try to close your flight or to change Aircraft.. you have to close the sim via ESC tab or system menager.. but at the end it works well! there is only one problem : you have 10 activation for your registration key!!! after it you will have to send an email to wilco in order to obtain another 10 activation! this is a waste of time! but they answer in a short time... ps: i have a good frame rate with fs9


    This, without any doubt is one of the worst products i've ever had the misfortune of crossing paths with. From the moment I layer eyes on it, to the moment I uninstalled it after two days, I experienced nothing but intense aggravation at the thousands (figuratively) of things that are wrong with this product. Firstly, there seems to be no way to view the virtual cabin that Wilco advertised, and secondly, 2 of the liveries I downloaded from their website, were corrupt. In addition, I experienced various sound malfunctions, where I could not obtain any response (sound wise) from the engines, only the APU. For any customer that might be wanting an Airbus model, I suggest you either use the CLS or Overland, or wait for the anticipated (and possibly nonexistent) Aerosoft A330.


    Das Cockpit ist zwar nicht das schönste, bietet aber viele Systemfunktionen. Viele Schalter sind benutzbar und er hat eine funktionierende MCDU. Außenmodell ist OK aber auch nicht Athemberauben, trozdem kann ich ihn Empfehlen, wenn mann nicht zu detailverliebt ist.
    If you are going to buy this, remember that it is a WILCO product, you will not get the PMDG standard. But if you look for an OK A330/340 then the WILCO is in my mind the way to go, which is actually really sad, cause it is a product with many flaws. It is not a product which you can leave for a longer period of time with out having to worry. I once tried to cross the pond for Toronto but ended up close to Miami. But it is not a product which should be avoided for any reason, it does have its stable moments, and it is a joy to fly. If you can learn to live with its many flaws, then you should buy it. It would be getting 4 stars, but it is up to the individual, since you have to have patience to enjoy this bird.
    The Wilco company has the worst customer service. They know that most their planes have serious issues with coding and will not work with DX10, yet they conceal this from the customer. Don't expect a refund from Wilco or any help. Avoid this company and get a plane from some where else.


    Don't waste your time. This is the second WILCO product I have purchased and it seems they never fail to dispapoint me. First this product is not just WILCO but also "feelThere" (that should make you think) and when you really dig into the fine print you find they don't support each other. I purchased the FSX model for a Windows 7 system. I cant fly the aircraft because the FMC database won't work. There is an update but because I purchased this product through simMarket I can't download it. SimMarket has inofrmed me that this is not an issue they can deal with since they are only the platform to sell this product. On top of this mistake I made the bad call to purchase the bundle of EVO 1 & 2. So I am out $60 + dollars with no recourse. So in summary stay away from WILCO, only purhase the Software on disk from simMarket, and if possible find someone who actually has the product and pick their brains. So far PMDG and IFLY and even CLS have actually been stand up, but not WILCO!


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