WING42 - 洛克希德 VEGA 5 经典 [EARLY ACCESS]
WING42 - 洛克希德 VEGA 5 经典 [EARLY ACCESS]
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  • WING42 - 洛克希德 VEGA 5 经典 [EARLY ACCESS]
  • WING42 - 洛克希德 VEGA 5 经典 [EARLY ACCESS]
  • WING42 - 洛克希德 VEGA 5 经典 [EARLY ACCESS]
  • WING42 - 洛克希德 VEGA 5 经典 [EARLY ACCESS]
  • WING42 - 洛克希德 VEGA 5 经典 [EARLY ACCESS]
  • WING42 - 洛克希德 VEGA 5 经典 [EARLY ACCESS]
  • WING42 - 洛克希德 VEGA 5 经典 [EARLY ACCESS]
  • WING42 - 洛克希德 VEGA 5 经典 [EARLY ACCESS]
  • WING42 - 洛克希德 VEGA 5 经典 [EARLY ACCESS]
  • WING42 - 洛克希德 VEGA 5 经典 [EARLY ACCESS]
  • WING42 - 洛克希德 VEGA 5 经典 [EARLY ACCESS]
  • WING42 - 洛克希德 VEGA 5 经典 [EARLY ACCESS]
  • WING42 - 洛克希德 VEGA 5 经典 [EARLY ACCESS]
  • WING42 - 洛克希德 VEGA 5 经典 [EARLY ACCESS]
  • WING42 - 洛克希德 VEGA 5 经典 [EARLY ACCESS]
  • WING42 - 洛克希德 VEGA 5 经典 [EARLY ACCESS]
  • WING42 - 洛克希德 VEGA 5 经典 [EARLY ACCESS]
  • WING42 - 洛克希德 VEGA 5 经典 [EARLY ACCESS]
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The Lockheed Vega was an exceptional aircraft for it's era and won numerous records. For a prolonged period of time, she was the aircraft of choice for many famous and award-winning aviators. Among many others, the Vega was flown by Amelia Earhart, Willey Post, Jimmy Doolittle, George H Wilkins, Jimmie Mattern and many, many others. She was in service for Braniff Airways, Transcontinental and Western, Shell, Standard Oil, Air Mexico and other companies.

Wing42 brings this aircraft in exceptional detail into the flight simulator of your choice. The installer contains the Lockheed Vega 5 and Detroit Lockheed DL-1 for FSX, FSXSE and P3Dv4.x.

Why Early-Access?

We decided to develop the Lockheed Vega very closely with the flightsim community. We want to make the Vega an unforgettable product that brings enjoyment to you for a long time in the future. By purchasing the Vega now, you will get full access to the aircraft in its current state and of course you will be eligible for the full version as soon as it's released!

With this purchase, you can immediately take her for a spin and check out the numerous features of this addon. We want to encourage you to criticize, make suggestions and help us hunt down those nasty bugs. In short: be part of the development process! We will be releasing updates for the Lockheed Vega continously and with these updates, the price of the Vega will gradually increase to reflect the added features and the hard work that goes into the product.

Wing42 and data security

Wing42 is dedicated to protect your personal data and the integrity of your operating system and simulation platform. With Wing42 you never have to sacrifice your privacy or your data security.

For further transparency, we included a list of all files that are included in our setup wizard in our Installation Guide. In this document, we also inform you in detail where these files are being installed to.

If you have any concerns regarding the safety of your data or the integrity of your PC, please don't hessitate to contact us!

NOTE: Please note that we currently don't deploy any form of DRM. We might however in the future integrate a non-invasive activation procedure into our installation program.

FeaturesCurrent stand: version 0.85.0 (06-APR-2019)

Listed here are some of the features you can experience in the current build of the Aircraft. Please note that the list is by no means complete and some of the mentioned features might still have some issues.

3D model

state-of-the-art 3d models with hand crafted and highly detailed 4k textures throughout the aircraft.

Flight model

Super-realistic flight dynamics and aircraft performance.

Ground equipment

Fully functional ground equipment with wheel chocks, battery cart, passenger stairs, fuel drums, tie downs and a baggage cart

[NEW!]Interactive Ground Crew

Dialog-driven ground crew interface with a life-like audible and visible feedback.

Payload manager

Functional payload manager for boarding/unboarding passengers, load cargo and fuel. The ground crew will first install all necessary equipment before loading the aircraft.

Walkaround interface

Interface to perform the mandatory walkaround of your aircraft to prevent problems during your flight.

[NEW!]Sound effect

The Wing42 Vega is utilising a custom sound engine to produce unique sounds for all controls in the cockpit and an audible ramp agent.

Special effects

Our friends at FSFX Packages supplied an extraordinaty set of special effects for thee Wing42 Lockheed Vega 5.[Click here for more information]

System simulation

Through the implementation of the Prop-o-Tronic physics engine, the Vega features an extensive simulation of various of the aircraft's systems with more in the works! Working examples:

  • [NEW!] Fully functional Spark Advance Lever to control the timing of the ignition.
  • [NEW!] Realistic engine start-up procedure, considering priming/mixture and proper ignition settings.
  • Customized barometric system, simulating every component. I.e. Static port, alternate port, pitot tube, selector valve, vsi, asi, altimeter.
  • Electrical system, running independant of the sim. Real physics calculations of voltage and current of all electrical components. Includes a working(!) fusebox with working(!) spares.
  • Realistic vacuum system, based on real-world physics. Components include an engine-driven pump, venturi tube, the plumbing and connectors, vacuum source selector, pressure relief valve (with simulated spring forces), real-physic gyros in all vacuum-driven instruments, etc.
  • Real-world physics to calculate the propagation and dissipation of heat throughout the engine.
  • Super-detailed oil system, with each component being simulated individually.
  • Engine vibrations with calculated frequencies and amplitudes depending on the various conditions of the engine.
  • The 8-day-clock actually needs to be wound up at least every 8 days to keep the time.
  • Fully functioning and responsive wobble pump.
  • Instument needle physics: Every single needle on the instrument panel moves based on individually calculated physics.


You'll find the aircraft exactely how you left it. Except for the battery that might be drained if you left on the lights.

Great Animations

We take great pride in the custom animations of all parts of the aircraft. You'll experience the airframe shaking when starting the engine, loose parts will vibrate, and the handles in the cabin will swing with the movement of the aircraft.

Intuitive Interaction

Use the mouse as you would move your hands in the cockpit. While simple switches are still operated with a simple mouse-click, we took great care in providing you an immersive experience with the controls. The real-world wobble pump was operated by moving the lever continously forwards and backwards - to operate the wobble pump in the Wing42 Vega you click the lever and drag it forwards and bankwards while keeping the mouse button pressed. The majority of controls in the cockpit follow a similar logic, mimicing the movement of the pilot's hand in the real cockpit.

Great performance

Despite all the detail in both apperance and simulation, the Lockheed Vega performs exceptionally well, even on low-end computers.


The Lockheed Vega currently comes in many different liveries and variations:

  • Lockheed factory default livery (NC14236)
  • Fictional Wing42 livery (NC5542)
  • Shell No.7 livery (NC13705)
  • Braniff Airways livery (NC8495)
  • Green "military" paintjob
  • Jimmy Mattern's "Eagle" (NR869E)
  • Mirow Air Service (NC162W)
  • Fictional "The Sky Lounge" livery (N5KY)
  • [NEW!]Privately owned DL-1 with a metal fuselage (NC12288)
  • [NEW!]Army transport Y1C-12 Detroit Lockheed (AC 31-405)
  • [NEW!]Transcontinental and Western (NC624E)
  • [NEW!]Mexican Transportes Aéreos de Chipas S.A. (double registration XA-BAW / XA-BKG)

Realism and historicity with no exceptions

With the Lockheed Vega, we at Wing42 strive to provide you an immersive and historically accurate flight simulator experience with no compromises! The aircraft is designed as it was originally flown in the 1920s. And that means unreliable instruments, no radio, no navigational equipment, no GPS. That makes this aircraft very challenging to operate in your simulator, but it also gives you an incredibly rewarding flying experience only few flightsim addons can provide.

All custom system simulations are calculated using our own real-world physics engine "Prop-o-Tronic". Take the vacuum components as an example. Within the Addons DLL file the pressure differential between the interacting components is individually calculated, each part influencing the outcome. Tiny leaks in the connectors will cause a pressure drop in the system, which limits the airflow that hits the vanes of the gyros of DG/AH/T&B, which in turn may cause them to slow down due to the friction loss in the bearings, which might result in a more sluggish instrument behavior. All these calculations are constantly being performed under-the-hood, based on real physics!

In every future update, we will extend this level of detail to the various systems of the Vega with the goal of creating the most realistic and immersive experience of operating an aircraft from the Golden Era of Aviation!

Upcoming features

While the Wing42 Vega addon already provides a fully functioning aircraft with extensive customizations and gimmicks many other commercial aircraft addons currently don't provide, it is not quite finished yet. Over the course of the next months we will be releasing a number of updates you'll get access to. Among some other things, here are the most pressing issues we will adress:

Engine simulation

While the ground work is done for many components of the P&W R-1340 Wasp engine, there's still a lot to do. E.g.:

  • [DONE!] Ignition - Implementation of spark advance (timing of the ignition), spark plug fouling and the booster coil.
  • [DONE!] Carburetor - Realistic simulation of carburetor and mixture

Engine sounds

The engine sounds of the aircraft are not up to our high standards yet. A custom sound set will be included in the next update to version 0.90!

Even more variants!

While we include a sneak-a-peek of our upcoming "Winnie Mae", the aircraft is not fully functional yet. The completed Winnie Mae will be part of update 0.90.

Wear, tear & failures

While provisions have been put in place to allow components of the aircraft to fail, currently no major failures (other than a blown fuse or clogged static port) are implemented just yet. This however will change soon!


A paintkit is currently NOT provided with the Vega, because we are anticipating having to change parts of the texture maps. We are planning on releasing a comprehensive paintkit for all you repainters out there!


Just like the Software itself, it's documentation is also work-in-progress. The Lockheed Vega comes with the aforementioned "Installation Guide", the "Simulation Manual" and a (addmittedly anachronistic) checklist. Together, these documents provide you with all necessary information to succesfully install and operate this aircraft. More content is added to the documentation with every new update.

[NEW!]Included in this add-on is a 70-page e-book about the history of the Lockheed Aircraft Company and the Lockheed Vega in particular. The book is written by Tom Harnish and is full of intersting history and inspiring stories, a great read

You can have a look at the current Simulation Manual over here (last update: 06/04/2019).

Aircraft characteristics

Crew: one pilot

Passengers: six

Length: 28 ft 6 in (8.7 m)

Wingspan: 41 ft (12.5 m)

Empty weight: 2,565 lb (1,163 kg)

MTOW: 4,500 lb (2,041 kg)

Engine: Pratt & Whitney Wasp R-1340 C, 450 hp (335.6 kW)

Fuel quantity: 96 gal. (363 l)

Aircraft performance

Cruise speed: 165 m.p.h.

Max. speed: 185 m.p.h.

Range: ~700 mi / ~608 nmi

Ceiling: ~15,000 ft.

Max. climb: ~1,200 f.p.m.

\"The lifelikeness of the aircraft is definitely something that makes it stand out.\"
\"If you want something that is really systems-driven in the old, vintage era, I would seriously go and have a look at this.\"
420 MB

Operating System : MS Windows 7/8/10

Suppported platforms:

MS Flight Simulator X+Acceleration

MS Flight Simulator X Deluxe

MS Flight Simulator X Steam Edition

Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v4.x

Processor : Quad core CPU ~3GHz

Memory : min. 4GB

Graphics card : min. 512 MB

HD: ~740 MB per installation (subject to change!)

First of all, I would like to thank the developer for the Syracuse Hancock Airport. I feel deeply connected to Syracuse and finger lakes area, so I'm glad I can make few flights to and from this airport. Howev-
er. Just like one of the pilots before me, I think, the price for the quality if too much. I know, the airport has been released some years back, but I had to spend another 5-6 hours working on afcad file (adjusting gates, adding missing airbridges, hazard lights and also apron lights, as these do not show in my sim for some reason). I visited Hancock airport in late Autumn of 2019 during snow blizzards so I was hoping, come winter, I will be able to do some nice winter flights only to discover, that the ground textures are for summer time only! So in order to do winter flights, I had to remove some of the original files and work on landclass from scratch. Not something I was expecting to do after paying for the airport. So, all in all, I took one star for afcad I had to adjust, one for land class I had to do myself and one for lack of winter textures.
PREALSOFT - 高清城市系列 - 维也纳 FSX P3D
This is a follow up on Vienna and how the developer responded. Although a fix was attempted to make this airport right the developer ran into some issues that were beyond their control, so they did the best they could. The developer was very apologetic and made me the customer a generous gesture, they are not bad guys they just ran into an issue beyond their control. I have almost every one of their sceneries and I can tell you they are not bad. As far as Vienna goes what they offer is still much better than default, so give these guys support, they all work hard. The rating given is for the great response from Prealsoft
RICHER SIMULATIONS - 加勒比天空: 巴巴多斯-格兰特利·亚当斯国际机场 TBPB 2020 FSX P3D
This is a very nice scenery and necessary for the Caribean to fly. Even if this is published as "P3Dv4" there is a possibility to get this into P3Dv5 with the help of the developer - update for the config-tool needed and a patch. This all is handled in less than 10 hours. Thumbs up !
This is a very short review of the excellent PAF890SAR repaint. I tried the paint kit by myself, but I wasted 2 weeks of time and at least 60 hours searching for any parts and could not find them. Finally, I gave it up. Designing a white repaint is anyway the hardest task. This pay ware repaint is worlds better than all the default and freeware repaints ever made for the Milviz Huey Uh-1h. I’ve made the effort and was comparing it with MILVIZ default USAF Rescue repaint. Here are just a few details that shows the skills of the artist. 1. The yellow stripe with the registration 66890 and the two blue stripes are designed very exactly around the tail fin. On the default USAF Rescue repaint, the black stripe at the tail fin was only mirrored and looks very loveless. 2.Th-
e PAF890SAR repaint is the only repaint where the landing skids are colored in another separate black tone. 3. It is also very striking that the antenna on the roof is painted in white. 4. The yellow ribbon and every single letter from the vertical lettering has been perfectly adapted to the shape of the body, (that’s a masterpiece) 5-
. Additional maintenance levels have been incorporated with lovely details. 6.The Rescue Angel and the Huey 2 stickers are razor sharp even in highest zoom level. I’m definitely thrilled with the great implementation of this Philippine Air Force rescue helicopter. I will definitely buy the other two repaints. The price may seem a bit expensive at first glance, but hey, try the paint kit yourself and you will quickly realize this PAF890SAR repaint is a masterpiece No doubt, five stars!
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Buyer Beware this scenery has problems and the developer states there is "No Fix" on their end for this. The color of the land class is very washed out and the ground, (land class) loads as you fly directly in front of your plane; it is very annoying and looks and performs bad. How he is allowed to continue to sale this is beyond me!
Very nice airport and surroundings.I think it will need a little more lighting.
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Being a Concorde fan, Barbados is a MUST HAVE scenery. I had been using a freeware version for years, and I have to admit I was quite happy with it so, the obvious question is, is it worth paying for the update? The developer really deserves the price charged. Barbados is a small airport, but this version is incredibly rich in details. Its quality is second to none, so if you like to invest in high quality sceneries there is no doubt your money will be well invested. As I mentioned, I am Concorde fan and currently I only fly Concorde-X by FSLabs, which requires P3Dv3. At fist, the only surface shown was the runway and there was grass were taxiways and the terminal platform where supposed to be. I contacted the developer, exchanged a couple of emails and in less than 24 hours we solved the problem. In my case what solved the problem was leaving the default directory for the installation (the counter-intuiti-
ve "Prepar3D v4 Add-ons") for the Config tool to work correctly. Otherwise, the "patch" to convert the default P3Dv4 scenery into a P3Dv3 compatible did not work and the problem described before showed. Now that my problem is solved I am a super-happy pilot flying my Concorde in and out Barbados :-)
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This is my second LatinVFR scenery and is completely awsome. I love how accurate is the depiction of this airport and it come with downtown San Diego too, the textures used are incredible with a good attention to details. It comes with a scenery configurator to change some elememts of the scenery like add/remove static objects, add/remove downtown San Diego and more. The FPS dont drop a all or maybe just a little bit and it runs smooth with no problem at all. Im surprise by the great performance it has on my simple HP laptop. The night textures inside the airport are really good but the night textures of the city are interesting because it doesnt look as illuminated as the default FSX/P3D textures but looks more realistic and I like it. Overall this scenery is a great scenery for KSAN and worth every penny. 100% recommended.
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This definitely is a great place to fly to the airport is very nicely designed and well equipped with ground stuff I'm very pleased with this product definitely 5stars for this very well done to the scenery team on yet another great scenery package;) :)