• AEROSOFT - CRJ 700/900 X FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - CRJ 700/900 X FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - CRJ 700/900 X FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - CRJ 700/900 X FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - CRJ 700/900 X FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - CRJ 700/900 X FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - CRJ 700/900 X FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - CRJ 700/900 X FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - CRJ 700/900 X FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - CRJ 700/900 X FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - CRJ 700/900 X FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - CRJ 700/900 X FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - CRJ 700/900 X FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - CRJ 700/900 X FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - CRJ 700/900 X FSX P3D

Most flight simulator fans prefer flights that do not exceed two hours, and for a good reason. The parts of simulated flights considered “fun” are the departure and arrival. That’s why commuters are so popular with flight simulator fans.

The Bombardier CRJ 700 and 900 series are some of the most often used regional airliners today – every 10 seconds, one of them takes off. You will find them at most airports worldwide. Although not very popular with passengers as those seats are indeed very small and you cannot even stand upright if you are tall, airline companies prefer them because they are efficient and reliable. They are still in production, and although the newer models have better seats, larger overhead bins and better sound proofing they will never be really comfortable.

Pilots like to fly them because they are powerful, agile, and a joy to fly manually. It is often described as ‘sporty’. They also demand more flying skill than a modern Airbus or Boeing because the flight management systems are limited, for example: no auto throttle and only advisory vertical navigation.

In our simulators, they were missing for a long time, but the Aerosoft / Digital Aviation CRJ 700/900 X provides the aircraft we have all been waiting for. As with all internal aircraft projects, the CRJ was created with the job of the pilot in mind. It fully focuses on the task of piloting this aircraft. We feel that things that have never happened in real life should not play a major role and that allows us to create a high-end aircraft for a modest price.


  • Exquisite modelling with many animations with up-to-date standards
  • VAS and FPS friendly because we love complex airports as much as you do
  • Extended Flight Management System delivered with August 2017 nav data (compatible with NavDataPro and Navigraph)
  • Complete MCDU with full keyboard control option
  • All displays available as high resolution 2D windows
  • Highly accurate flight model
  • Panel State saving/loading
  • Standard Sound set done by Turbine Sounds Systems, additional Virtual Cockpit sounds provide by Aerosoft
  • Heads-up Guidance system
  • Includes Frank, our avatar to walk around the aircraft and airports (Prepar3D only)
  • Fully functional (though linked to this aircraft) RAAS provided by FS2Crew
  • Complete management tool to load fuel, passengers, and baggage. This tool also allows you to tweak the simulation to your hardware
  • Livery manager with drag and drop functionality
  • Fully prepared for AES, Chaseplane, PFPX
  • Many new options to tweak the product to your likings and your hardware, for example to link a hardware control to the nose wheel steering
  • Our Virtual Cockpit tool (DAVE) has checklists, fuel and passenger loading, change settings, etc.
  • Five manuals, including detailed step-by-step documentation
  • Fully Prepar3D V4 compatible with dynamic lights and several other adaptations to use the newest technology

CRJ 700 models:

  • Lufthansa Regional D-ACSB
  • American Eagle N508AE
  • HOP! Air France F-GRZH
  • Lufthansa Regional Star Alliance D-ACPT
  • United Express N770SK
  • Alaska Airlines N215AG
  • American Eagle N508AE OC
  • Brit Air F-GRZG
  • Conviasa YV2088
  • Delta Airways N367CA
  • Horizon Air N613QX
  • SA Express ZS-NLT
  • Styrian Spirit OE-LSF

CRJ 900 models:

  • Lufthansa Regional D-ACNN
  • Lufthansa Regional D-ACKI
  • US Airways Express N247LR
  • Air Nostrum EC-JYA
  • Delta Airways N806SK
  • Adria Airways S5-AAK
  • Air Canada Express C-GOJZ
  • Air Nostrum EC-JZS
  • Air One EI-DOT
  • AtlasGlobal TC-ETC
  • Binter Canarias EC-MEN
  • SAS Scandinavian Airlines OY-KFI
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2019-03-03 23:22:48
Very highly detailed virtual cockpit and exterior models. Everything is based off of the real airplane and was tested by actual CRJ pilots to make it as realistic as possible. The support team has continuously uploaded updates listening to the customers bugs. A absolute 5 Star product, and must have!
*Verified Product User*
2018-03-19 09:52:46
Still rough around the edges, but its worth it if you're a fan of the crj.
2018-03-16 14:32:00
Had this aircraft from Day 1. Very good representation of the real aircraft. Not study level, but was never meant to be. easy to get set up , out of the gate and in the air. However it is an aircraft that you must pay attention to while flying. Aerosoft is good about correcting bugs and there is a very good forum for information.
I first had the issue of the aircraft not trimming correctly on takeoff, then I decided to read the manual. Problem solved. Sounds could be better but they are not anything to make this a nonstarter. Anyone flying sims today should probably go ahead and go to a 64bit system...addons now literally chew up the memory of the 32bit sims (FSX)=OOM....

Gnd Enviroment NA
I7 6700K
RX480 video
16 GB Ram
UT Live
Imaginesim KATL
Drezwecki KLGA, KJFK, KDCA
*Verified Product User*
2018-03-06 02:32:36
Updating my previous review. Now that Aerosoft has fixed the NAV issues for me, much happier. Is it perfect? I would imagine there will be a couple more updates before that happens but they have gotten much closer. Easy on frame rates, hand flies well, and sounds are improved.
2017-11-22 11:43:28
I bought this beautiful add-on directly at Aerosoft. I've been using it for some time on p3d v4 and honestly find it to be great! It's a different plane than others and in fact I had to study the manuals (done very well) and now I am having a lot of fun. I would recommend it to all the lovers of the regional jet.
2017-11-11 17:18:35
Fantastic product. From the sounds to textures to how it handles. 5 Stars
*Verified Product User*
2017-10-31 03:02:18
Oh how I wanted this plane and wanted it to be great. While the modeling is very nice, it continues to plagued with issues. For example, if you import a flight plan, you can't select all the runways in the FMC. You have to manually enter the waypoints. Also, for some reason, the trim will trim nose up for no reason. Issues following the FMC seem to have been largely fixed. But overall, the bugs seem to still be problematic and I've heard very little about another update. I'm still flying it but not near as good a plane as Aerosoft's A320 product.
2017-10-25 21:40:22
Like some of the reviewers, I too have owned other Aerosoft aircraft and scenery, most notably the 318/319/320/321 (with upgrade). The CRJ itself seems to perform as I would expect a regional aircraft of this size to operate (although I'm no RL pilot). My biggest problem with Aerosoft aircraft is the non-movable yokes and the crazy set up on standard FSX view cycles (I don't use camera software like EZdock). So for me it's a personal irritant. It takes me 30 minutes to get my views set where they make sense and haven't found a way to save them for future flights. Anyway, all-in-all not bad for the money but certainly, in my opinion, no PMDG by any stretch. Worth 3 stars. I prefer Aerosoft scenery over their aircraft :)
*Verified Product User*
2017-10-08 01:26:53
Finally !!!! After 8 years of development, at long last we have a worthy competitor to the Feelthere ERJ and E-Jet Regional Jet series. The Aerosoft/Digital Aviation CRJ 700/900 was definitely worth the wait.

First up: The developers issued two updates to the add-on immediately after release (and a couple more since then). One the day after the release, the next, the following day. That said, the plane was still perfectly flyable without the patches. Just want to point out that they are still shaking out some minor bugs.

The cockpit is spot on. High res 4K textures. Just about everything is simulated. The documentation is complete and thorough, including a tutorial flight.

Its a 1 Gig installer, that you can install for Steam and P3D.

The best thing about this addon: Dave. Dave is the name of the iPad tablet that is mounted next to the pilot and copilot in the virtual cockpit. From here you can customize aircraft options (Lbs, vs Kg, inches of Mg, vs Millibars, etc). You can also use Dave to load the aircraft fuel, passengers and cargo. Dave also has all the checklists for all phases of flight.

Included in this package is a desktop load manager app that does some of the stuff that Dave does, and a few other things. Unlike other add-on load managers, this one you have to have the sim running with the aircraft loaded in order to use it.

Finally, the plane is fun to fly. Very stable. Won't freak out when you up the sim rate to x8 or x16. Also, it doesn't have an autothrottle, you need to manage the vertical profile yourself.

That said, there are a handful of kinks. It's a bit off when tracking the flight path in autopilot. Also, when riding the ILS to the runway, be advised... its a bit off to the right.. not recommended for low visibility ILS approaches. I wish the engine sounds were more robust, and a virtual cabin would be nice.

Overall, this is an outstanding add-on, definitely worth the price. Feelthere (and I'll give a nod to VirtualCol) is no longer the only Regional Jet outfit in town. 4/5-Stars.
2017-09-18 16:07:59
Not bad at all, easy to operate. Operating manuals very detailed.
2 main concerns, as far as I'm concerned :
-Yoke which can't be hidden and QUITE obstructing, xtremely annoying.
-All twisted panels which give me STIFF NECK ! Can't understand what's behind it but I'm not the developer.
2017-08-28 18:01:17
The good:

Well its a CRJ...

flies ok. nothing strikes me as being wrong with how it handles.

appears to be relatively complete in systems

Pretty good representation of the cockpit unpleasantness (a "feature" of the real crj)

The bad:

Appearances are deceiving. Lots of stuff not modelled, dummy switches and buttons throughout or just stuff that doesnt work? can't tell at this point, dont even care anymore.

Completely broken FMS. It cannot follow a flight path to save its life. Still not fixed after 6? patches.

no utility to create flight plans and they refuse to give us one! they used the airbus format and changed it some so its not compatible wit that. WHY? because incompetence thats why.

BLURRY low res 2005 textures! This is a 8 year old addon and it shows. They didnt update the graphics before release to new standards.

Displays are BLURRY as well. can't really read anything unless you pop them up. And im on a 32" monitor.

cant hide the yoke. yes it obsctucts some display controls.

sounds are pretty stale, repetative, no immersion. just background loop droning in at all times (equip cooling/wind noise). same tone, no variation at all states of flight.
*Verified Product User*
2017-08-20 17:32:47
I like Aerosoft and I buy a lot of what they distribute but this CRJ is a lemon! It has a lot of annoying bugs such as the FMS not following the flight path, ctd's, slow refreshing gauges. It also has lackluster VC Graphics and a weak soundset IMO. Maybe it'll get better with time and patches but the support staff seems to be very defensive on their forums locking threads blaming users etc. very uncharacteristic from what I've seen in the previously. I gave it a star because it does hand fly nice and one more for potential. Running version V1005 on P3dV4.
2017-08-15 21:08:09
It was definitely worth the wait. Good sounds, visuals, and textures. I know there are some issues at the present moment but the AS CRJ works great. There are a few differences from JR CRJ 200, ei, the NW switch that actually moves in the AS CRJ 700/900, startup and shutdown procedures are different to each aircraft. One thing I noticed is the fuel in the CRJ manager does not produce the accurate amount of fuel at times so some additional fuel is require via taxi or holding fuel section. This aircraft is very immersive and fun to fly.
*Verified Product User*
2017-08-04 04:37:12
Ok. After over 2 years of waiting, the CRJ 700/900 has arrived. I must say it is an impressive aircraft. This is truly a study level aircraft at the least. It is on the level of Aerosoft Airbus 320? I would say not quite, but not far off at all.
I really enjoyed the tutorial. It was well written and did not leave too much that needed to be asked. However, I would suggest printing out the manual. If you don’t have multiple monitors you are going o be flipping and scrolling between windows like a mad man! (Or woman!)
My biggest concern is the simulation is NOT compatible with Saitek’s Multi-panel nor does it work with my VRInsight MPC II panel. The message boards suggest there is someone working on a module for LINDA program to be used with the VRInsight MPC II, but I have heard nothing official.
You are going to need to put some time into this aircraft if you want to be doing it right. Chase plane or EZDOK pre programmed views will also be a great assistance to you.
That being said, as long as it has taken to come to market, it seems it was time well spent. This program fills a huge void for a study level aircraft for P3D and FSX that is not a Long Hauler Aircraft. Now we have a study lever regional jet for hops from Nashville to Atlanta or Gatwick to Schiphol. No offense to the Majestic Dash-8. You’re a turbo prop. :o)
*Verified Product User*
2017-08-04 00:50:10
Aerosoft's CRJ was one of the most highly anticipated aircraft products on my to-buy list and it was no question whenever it appears at Simmarket, will be a day one purchase. And so it happened.

Knowing that the CRJ has been in the making for seven long years I can't deny the fact I had really high hopes and expectations for this one and knowing Aerosoft is a company that has the resources to deliver stunning stuff I was pretty much confident it will blow my mind.

Installation is as simple as it can be, the usual Aerosoft installer, takes no time to get the CRJ up and running. Let'see the bird now!

As much as I wanted it, my enthusiasm rapidly declined after loading the aircraft for the first time. I did not want to believe my eyes when I beheld the low resolution virtual cockpit textures. Meanwhile the 3D modelling inside-outside as well as the exterior texturing are all top notch, the VC textures are a complete letdown, looking cheap and plastic - one would perhaps accept them in 2010 when they first announced the aircraft but it's definitely not enough in 2017.

The resolution of the display fonts is also something that needs significant improvements. Although the screens themselves are relatively small thus makes it harder to get them readable, still the CRJ is not the only aircraft with tiny displays and others somehow managed to successfully overcome this obstacle. Clicking on each display, one can call for the respective 2D pop-up window, which, however, provides crisp fonts and graphics.

Then the sounds. This aircraft does not sound good. It's not outright bad but is way too shallow, lacking that energetic punch that other products of even lower price range, deliver successfully to the user's speaker or headset. Many buttons and switches have no click sounds associated with them, resulting in a kind of lifeless, dull flight deck. Those switches and buttons and levers and whatnot scream for sounds. And I can't look away from the fact how long the development cycle has been - where did all the sounds go?

As for the exterior textures, they are superb, looking at the CRJ from the outside is a feast for the eyes. As said earlier, the 3D model is excellent making this jet one of the finest looking currently available, certainly matching the level of other well known products.

The lack of improved ground physics is kind of sad but the developers are still looking at ways tweaking it which is promising.

As for systems modelling, the Aerosoft CRJ is not your study level aeroplane but systems wise it's more complex than their last version of the Airbus, just for a quick comparison. It is a robust and stable product and I had no issues at getting it in the air, the code works like a cham, it's straightforward and logical. This isn't a surprise though knowing it's Hans Hartmann behind the programming of the jet and he did a very good job (again).

You get your external CRJ tool which allows for fuel and load management and much more but you can even live without it by using the on-board tablet computer they named "Dave" which also enables the user to manipulate passenger figures, cargo and fuel - as well as numerous options and functions can be found there. It would be a nice touch to make this tablet computer optional so that the user can hide it as it is (in a way) fictional and die hard simmers may not want to see imaginary equipment in their cockpit. If it could be made so that it can be displayed or hidden would harm no one - I am sure it's not that too difficult to achieve.

Handflying the CRJ is a pleasure, very responsive and feels natural.

The manuals and tutorials are clear and concise and answer whatever questions you have - make sure you read them, it's not a difficult material to struggle through, even quite enjoyable.

I would happily give this one four stars but the ugly virtual cockpit textures, the unreadable fonts and the lifeless sounds simply destroy the immersion. Also the product is not on the cheap side, at this price tag I would expect crisp textures and immaculate sounds, which is unfortunately not the case.

Nevertheless those of you who fancy the type will surely find ways to fall in love with the CRJ and I am sure the above mentioned key issues will be looked into and addressed in future updates - which will catapult this aircraft to a much higher class.

For now, I can't wholeheartedly praise it - in 2017 this is not enough value for the money.

Let's hope Aerosoft gets these sorted, sending us the missing "wow factor" so that this otherwise very interesting and adorable product can take the place it truly deserves after being developed for such a long time.
2017-08-02 23:52:05
Hell of a wait, but it was worth it. It's by no means a study-level sim, but it's also not a "lite" aircraft sim either. It bridges both worlds nicely.

Pros: Easy to get going
Flies like a dream
Great FMC
Plenty of liveries to choose from (included)
Great for both seasoned pilots and newbies

Cons: None so far

Whatever you feel about Aerosoft, they did a fine job with this bird. It's a solid addition to your hanger.
Registration key after purchase, see order details page in customer account

Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2), FSX: Steam Edition or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V3/V4.2
Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: 2.6 GHz, Dual/Quad Core highly recommended
Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce® or AMD Radeon, 512 MB VRAM

Digital Aviation
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Nice to see this airport finally getting some love in MSFS, but it lacks detail (especially outside the main terminal). Maintanance, General Aviation and military complex are seriously lacking. Textures can also improve, and a better quality and up to date ground mesh wouldnt hurt. that said, this is way better than the stock airport if you fly here often. After all, this is priced at Orbx range and does not come even close to the same quality level... I will be happy to give a better rating if the developer gets incremental improvements rolled out, as this scenery has potential to really get up there quality-wise.
Propriano is a very nice little flying club to take off and have a tour of Corsica. The buildings are well modeled and it is pleasant to walk around.
While I really want to love this, because I love warbirds, and especially unique ones, this is currently leaving me very disappointed. I've tried to fly it twice, both times result in unrecoverable engine failure shortly after take-off. I go to the manual to see what I'm doing wrong, and the manual is ONLY in French. Next main issue, is for the asking price, 2D gauges are a no-go. Shoul-
d this receive some much needed further development, I'll happily give this another try, but until then, it's going to sit in the hangar and collect dust.
Looks like a nice aircraft inside & out. Documentation is easy to understand. -
I would have given it 4 to 5 stars, except there is no paint kit or plain white textures so that I can paint the aircraft in our VA livery. For this reason, I am only giving it a 2 star rating.
Is a great scenery but textures are very repetitive.
I dont know what else to say except I am completely "GODSMACKED". Unbelievably good job. Completely impressed. Great job! I cant wait for your next scenery projects, I will certainly purchase again and again. Sincerely, Dan
Finally an affordable price for this Nimitz series carriers simulation. Fully P3Dv5.3 compatible. No, the P3D simulator is not dead and the MSFS game is unable to provide such a simulation (not even the ship's wake).
Would be an instant buy, if the displayed MIG29 would be a MIG21 as in real life.
Andres Felipe
Aeropuerto increible, muy bien detallado muchas gracias
very bright! very beautiful! The Most beautiful scenery of Rio de Janeiro!
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