AEROSOFT - 道格拉斯 DC-8 喷气式客机FSX P3D
AEROSOFT - 道格拉斯 DC-8 喷气式客机FSX P3D
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  • AEROSOFT - 道格拉斯 DC-8 喷气式客机FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 道格拉斯 DC-8 喷气式客机FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 道格拉斯 DC-8 喷气式客机FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 道格拉斯 DC-8 喷气式客机FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 道格拉斯 DC-8 喷气式客机FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 道格拉斯 DC-8 喷气式客机FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 道格拉斯 DC-8 喷气式客机FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 道格拉斯 DC-8 喷气式客机FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 道格拉斯 DC-8 喷气式客机FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 道格拉斯 DC-8 喷气式客机FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 道格拉斯 DC-8 喷气式客机FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 道格拉斯 DC-8 喷气式客机FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 道格拉斯 DC-8 喷气式客机FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 道格拉斯 DC-8 喷气式客机FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 道格拉斯 DC-8 喷气式客机FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 道格拉斯 DC-8 喷气式客机FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 道格拉斯 DC-8 喷气式客机FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 道格拉斯 DC-8 喷气式客机FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 道格拉斯 DC-8 喷气式客机FSX P3D
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The Douglas DC-8 was one of the aircraft that brought long distance air travel to the masses. It made transatlantic air travel possible for a much larger group of people, thus making the world a much smaller place. Commercially it was successful up to 1972 when wide bodied aircraft like the B747 took over its place. There were many variants and once in a blue moon you still see the “Old Smokey” carry cargo. Old Smokey was just one of the many nicknames the aircraft was given by pilots that loved flying them. DC Late, Greasy8, Death Cruiser, Whiney Bird and Cigarette Jets were others.

For a long time, we lacked these important aircraft in our simulators but this add-on adds a version to your virtual hangar that is not only looking and sounding good, but also offers a good system depth. Every real pilot will enjoy navigating by VOR and NDB and manually managing the four finicky power plants. It is hard work but the DC-8 will reward you with great handling.

It’s time to forget about MCDU, FMS and FADEC and go back to real flying, complete with instruments with needles and a sturdy but steady hand on the throttles and stick.


  • Simulation of a 50 series DC-8 passenger airliner with a focus on normal procedures
  • 3D model of the exterior with animated flight surfaces, reversers, landing gear, four exits and two cargo doors
  • Virtual cockpit model with detailed simulation of instruments and controls at the pilot’s, first officer’s, and flight engineer’s positions
  • In-depth simulation of more than 10 aircraft systems
  • Visual rain effects on cockpit windows using TrueGlass technology by TFDi
  • P3D V4 version includes dynamic landing, taxi, and ground floodlights that illuminate objects
  • Cockpit lighting including main panel, pedestal, and engineer’s panel floodlights, dome light, panel back lighting, and instrument gauge lighting
  • Instrument gauge lighting has four selectable levels of intensity
  • Engine and other sounds by Turbine Sound Studios including start-up external air cart sound
  • Radar display showing terrain with three ranges selectable
  • Loader utility to add and remove passengers, cargo and fuel
  • Detailed engine simulation with accurate EPR readings to set power for takeoff, climb and cruise
  • Detailed performance tables to determine V speeds, power settings, takeoff trim, manoeuvre and stall speeds, and more
  • Custom icing code will cause airframe ice accumulation to increase drag and degrade lift while de-icing will gradually remove effects of ice
  • INS waypoints may be manually inserted, or simply by loading a standard FSX flight plan
  • INS simulation is very detailed with random drift, DME updating, realistic or fast alignment and more
  • A cold and dark state is available at any time using the pop-up loader utility

模拟平台:FSX, FSX:SE, 洛克希德马丁 Prepar3D V4
操作系统:微软 Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64位)
CPU:2.6 GHz 双核处理器 (推荐使用四核处理器)
内存:4 GB
显卡:3 GB 显存, 支持 DirectX 11
硬盘:1.1 GB 可用空间 (推荐使用 SSD 固态硬盘)
分辨率:1920x1080 (全高清) 或 更高分辨率

English, Deutsch
Michael Cependa
I know this is only £7 but its unflyable the MCDU is useless you cannot input a flight plan so its absolutely pointless and clearly aimed at people who play rather than simulate so don't waste your money
In all my years of working with software of any kind, I have never seen a more responsive, active, and talented developer. At this point, Asobo should hire Bijan and give him the keys to overhaul the entire terrain and photogrammetry system. I'll make this simple, this is a must have addon for MSFS, and should be an instabuy for anyone who uses the sim regularly. It's rare I find a developer so good and so on top of things that I just instantly buy anything they put out. So if you haven't already go check out his other new amazing expansion BIJAN HABASHI - PROJECT: ISLANDS, SUNKEN BOATS, HUTS, PG TREES - MSFS also on SimMarket.
AIRWIL SCENERIES - 菲律宾-卡加延德奥罗-拉金丁安国际机场 RPMY MSFS
Excellent scenery for this airport. I love the character that it retains at night; while other airports become dead and barren, Airwil's RPMY is lit up, buildings abuzz with activity, and signages lit just as expected. Excellent representation of the RPMY I fly into on Mindanao visits.
AIRWIL SCENERIES - 菲律宾-卡加延德奥罗-拉金丁安国际机场 RPMY X-PLANE 11
Excellent airport, I love the fact that it has a lot of character at night as well as in the daytime. Whereas other airports become barren at night this scenery has all the signs and interior lights that remain lit up in the evenings. Extra details are great as well and elevate the full flying experience.
Vast improvement with tree removal! Will there be a USA North Roads coming? Hoping so! Plenty of trees need clearing here on my street. Great work!
AMSIM - 白俄罗斯-明斯克国家机场 UMMS MSFS
Beautifully made scenery, and it adds the second runway that is missing in MSFS. I’ve been many times to Minsk, so I can say: this scenery looks very accurate, both tarmac and street side! I only struggle with the ILS approaches - none seems to work as expected (I tried with the stock TBM930 and the CRJ). Precision landings with low visibility are not possible. I use Navigraph.
DOUBLE T - 韩国-首尔-金浦国际机场 RKSS MSFS
Would be nice if there aren't so many lights(obstacle-
s) over apron same as the previous Hiroshima Ho-
pe an update will fix that
TAXI2GATE - 美国-奥兰多国际机场 KMCO P3D4-5
Exceptionally good scenery. Just notice that the colouring of the gate numbers for 81 and 83 are black instead of red. Still a great job overall and a long time coming.
ASIAN AIRPORTS - 韩国-首尔-金浦国际机场 RKSS P3DV5
Great Airport! I would be interested in a Daegu and Gimhae Busan by this dev.
Overall a good scenery, great custom 3D models and textures. But it needs some big texture improvements around Yas Marina F1 circuit. The textures look very basic and unrealistic around the grass and track. There are freeware versions of this scenery that has a much better F1 circuit. It also needs a better 3D model and textures for Ferrari World, especially since it is such an iconic building.