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This package is Donationware. All proceeds that Flight Replicas would normally receive go to the Dutch Airwar Research and Excavation (DARE) foundation, exclusively.

There are approximately 1500 WWII aircraft wrecks lying beneath Dutch soil, whose identities have not yet been uncovered. The DARE foundation's mission is to find and carefully research these sites, irrespective of which side they fought on. The fate of the aircrews has a central role. DARE conducts detailed research and excavation, and and also provides technical illustrations and photographic material via their website.

The DARE foundation is an independent organization. All suitable artifacts, documents, and materials are available for expositions, museums,and for educational-purposes, through the foundation. Future sponsors that wish to support these objectives can contact DARE through their email address, which can be found on the DARE web-site.

The aircraft depicted in this package, a Messerschmitt Bf-109G-6 flown from Schipol by one Oberleutnant Eugen-Ludwig Zweigart, shot down while attacking American four-engine bombers on 27 July 1943, is one such aircraft excavated and recovered by the DARE team. Details of the aircraft and its pilot, and the recovery of the aircraft remains, can be found via websites whose addresses are contained in the package manual.

The aircraft:
The Messerschmitt Bf-109 was the standard fighter of the Luftwaffe for the duration of WWII. The Bf-109 scored more air-to-air victories in WWII than any other aircraft, and thanks to an excellent design, served in various roles, including air superiority fighter, escort fighter, interceptor, ground-attack and reconnaissance aircraft. The Bf 109 was produced in greater quantities than any other fighter aircraft in history, with over 31,000 built. Although the Bf 109 had weaknesses, including a difficult to handle narrow undercarriage, through constant development the aircraft managed to remain a competitive force against Allied fighter aircraft until the end of hostilities in May 1945.

The Bf-109 was flown by the three top scoring fighter aces of World War II : Erich Hartmann, the top scoring fighter ace of all time with 352 victories, Gerhard Barkhorn with 301 victories, and Günther Rall with 275 victories. Hartmann refused to fly any other type of aircraft in combat throughout the war.

Bf 109G-6 "Gustav"
The G-series Bf-109 was developed when the 1,475 hp Daimler-Benz DB 605 engine became available. The early versions of the Bf 109G looked quite similar to the Bf 109F-4, and at first carried the same armament. The G-series later saw the appearance of the notorious bulges in the cowling caused by the DB605 and by replacing the 7.92 mm MG 17 with 13 mm MG 131 machine guns (G-5 onwards)) and on the wings (due to larger main gear wheels, G-4 onwards), leading to the Bf-109G's nickname "The Bulge" (German: "Die Beule").

The G-6 model was the most produced Bf-109G version. During 1943, a number of improvements were introduced: an armoured glass head-rest and the introduction of the clear-view 'Erla Haube' canopy improved visibility, especially to the rear, plus a taller tail unit improved stability at high speeds. Advanced radio/navigational equipment was also introduced.

We hope you enjoy flying this remarkable rendition of history.


  • Highly accurate VC, with many functioning parts

  • VC canopy placard scanned from real crashsite aircraft

  • Fuselage colours scanned from real crashsite aircraft

  • Detailed ReviC12D gunsite

  • Accurate and challenging ground-handling characteristics

  • Droppable Drop Tank, that removes weight and fuel from the aircraft.cfg for realistic performance

  • Working Flettner tabs on the rudder of appropriate models

  • Working MW emergency boost system

  • Accurate pilot flight suit and flight helmet

  • 100% authentic Bf-109 startup sounds

  • Propeller blades which alter their angle with prop setting

  • Functioning automatic/manual coolant flaps, which also serve as landing flaps

  • 3D gauges in the VC, for incredible realism;

The Manual is the aircraft folder.
Please note that the Bf-109G is a fairly demanding model, and is recommended for computers 3 Ghz and above, with dedicated graphics cards. However, those with less powerful computers (e.g.2.8 Ghz) have also run the 262 without serious problem.
For more information on other Flight Replicas simulator aircraft (non-donationware), please go to Flight Replicas product page.

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Beautiful model and livery, good price, breath-taking accuracy, and a good cause!
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This product complies with the current Federal Republic of Germany legislation: it does not contain any national-socialistic representations or insignias.
FS2004 FSX(without FSX Acceleration)
Customer Reviews
Beautiful model and livery, good price, breath-taking accuracy, and a good cause! What more do you want?
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