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    Flysimware has designed the MU-2B-60 since Flysimware's chief pilot and beta captain is very familiar with this type of turboprop and this specific aircraft. Flysimware was given hundreds of photos and engine sound recordings from an owner who recently restored his MU-2B-60 aircraft. With hundreds of hours and over 4,000 lines of custom coding we have brought you the most realistic Garrett turboprop simulation aircraft on the market. Due to FSX limitations on the turboprop engines we have worked around the coding to produce a linked prop shaft direct to the prop and being the first company to simulate a real world Garrett turboprop system.
    We have included many animated features throughout the cabin and virtual cockpit. With custom coding we have an accurate system down to the smallest details. We have included 2 models for users who use the payware GTN750 GPS unit or Milviz WX Advantage Radar unit. 1 model uses the GNS 530 with working VNAV system and the payware weather radar. If you do not own the radar it will be a static model. If you do own the weather radar it will come to life. The second model uses the GTN 750 with the same weather radar option.

    To learn more about our model please visit our product page for the latest manuals and detailed tutorial videos on standard walk around to engine start up or shut down procedures.

    Real World operational with high quality specs
    100% shareable cockpit
    HD textures / World Reflections / Specular effects / AO static shadow effects
    Self shadowing effects for interior model (DX10 only)
    Custom sound set with bonus virtual cockpit and environment sounds
    Custom coding for real World gauges and animations
    Includes Sperry and Collins flight instruments and tested for accuracy
    Flight1 GTN 750 GPS integration (Must own product)
    Milviz WX Advantage Radar integration (Must own product)
    Accurate pressurization system
    High quality animated pilots with optional settings
    Aircraft option panel allows you to add luggage change aircraft modes and pilots
    Service hangar to repair engines or failures
    NTS check / Propeller start Locks system / Accurate start up and shut down precedure
    Complete auto pilot modes with IAS climb
    Animated first stage compressor turbines
    Custom windshield rain effects and custom world reflections
    Custom coding for 2 Garrett TPE331 turboprop engines and sounds for the most realistic Garrett simulation ever produced. Now known as Honeywell 331 engines! This is a geared drive engine unlike the common turboprop you find in a King Air aircraft.


    Custom sound set
    Custom sound module for environment and interior sounds


    Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 - Custom GNS 530 GPS / WX Advantage Radar integration
    Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 - GTN 750 GPS integration / WX Advantage Radar integration

    N480ME - Corporate Interior
    N321GM - Corporate Interior
    N130MS - Corporate Interior


    FSX SP2/Acceleration, FSX Steam Edition, Prepar3D all versions






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    I have a bunch of Flysimware add on planes for FSX Steam and except for a bad experience with their Lear 35 I have been pleased with their products. This is another that I'm really happy with! The MU-2B is a unique plane and very well represented here. The flight model is exceptional. I feel immersed in the experience from ground to sky and just love it when a plane like this delivers such a grand sim experience. The sounds are a large part of the immersion and compliment the whole feel. Turn up your speakers volume to get the most of the audio aspects. The visuals are above average but not quite as good as the newer planes currently offered by powerhouse Carenado. However, despite the less than modern graphics I am glad and happy with what is displayed here! There is some satisfying detail but not so much that you need a heavy hitting graphics card. I'm loving the whole plane especially the interior. Pretty good night lighting except the Taxi lights don't really illuminate the forward center ground area, just the flanks and need to be adjusted inward hopefully in a future update. The landing lights are bright and are needed for taxiing to get the full frontal night view on the ground. All in all this is one excellent add on that shouldn't be missed especially when on sale. Review based on use with Win10 3.1GHZ CPU, Intel I7-8700 Gen 8, 16GB ram, Intel UHD 630 integrated graphics. Running with Med-Hi graphics FSX settings. Excellent frame rate performance. Highly recommended


    After a long much needed 2 yr break from FSX, I loaded P3d onto a new W10 machine built for gaming. With rumours of a Mu-2 flying around since fs2004 when I saw it I had to have it. I actually flew the extended version with the addition of a crew door back in the early 90s that were converted as freighters,mainly carrying banking records. Anyways,the not so HD 2016 interior at first turned me off from hitting buy but positive reviews pushed me into getting it. Install was easy. 1st impression was that engine sound! I have 16% hearing loss partially due to those Garretts. Nice looking vc that I have better luck looking down that at the ceiling with my trackir. Flies like it looks which is a sporty Kingair with surprising short field to and landing. there is a satisfying cockpit workload but not overwhelming. The price turned me off but if you want to do 250+k in unique which is a linemens worst nightmare due to all the tanks you will love it. 4 ext graphics, 3 int, 4 fm, 4 sounds. Worth the price. Yes.


    Ich hatte nicht viel erwartet. Wenige Wochen nach Veröffentlichung war diese Maschine von Flysimware in einer Rabatt-Aktion zu haben. Ich mag Exoten und Piper´s oder Cessna´s fliegt jeder. Die wenigen Reviews waren durchwachsen und eine Schönheit a la Carenado ist sie auch nicht. Aber mich reizte, das die Original-Maschine unter allen Turbopropps ihre Klasse die "heißeste Kiste" ist. Eine Beech Kingair 200 oder eine Cessna 441 "Conquest" hängt dieser kleine Flieger von Mitsubishi gnadenlos in allen Disziplinen ab... außer in der Reichweite. Sie hat sehr kleine Flügel und eine hohe Tragflächenbelastung und mit ihren riesigen festen Flügel-End-Tanks sieht sie schon irgendwie etwas lächerlich aus... Aber, es war "Liebe auf den zweiten Blick". Die Kiste ist schnell, anspruchsvoll zu fliegen und hat eine konventionelle Instrumentierung, ergänzt durch das Garmin 530 und (Reality XP, muss man extra kaufen) Bendix King WX 500 Wetter-Radar, das auch funktioniert! Optional läßt sich auch das Garmin GTN 750 einrüsten (flight1). Das ist eine tolle Sache. Seitdem ist diese Maschine hier zu meinem fliegenden Garmin GTN750-Trainer geworden. Die bleibt im Hangar und wird durch den Learjet 35A ergänzt, an dem flysimware arbeitet...
    This is a Beauty! Mitsubishi made this plane deliberately with a small wing increacing wing load but reduceing drag, so that the plane would be faster. "Flysimware" has really hit the "sweet spot" here! The plane is very well modulate and a Joy to fly. The small wing makes for a challaning interesting plane to fly. (As in reality, "Mitshubishi" compensated for the "small wing, high wingload" manufactory configuration for high speed performance, by giving it big flaps.) Another thing is that it is eazy on fraps, mebby due to little lower graphics then the highest out there. This is a very Interesting Plane to fly if you like a challance.






    € 34.76