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    This product FSUIPC4 is NOT compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) released in 2020.For MSFS, please use instead FSUIPC7 available here.

    FSUIPC4: Flight Simulator Universal Inter-Process Communication (Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D version)

    FSUIPC4 is an add-in for Microsoft Flight Simulator X which provides an interface for other programs to read and write all sorts of pertinent data relating to the simulation, and in many ways even to control the actual process itself.

    It is an essential ingredient in many add-on FS programs, and, in fact, may be installed on your system by any one or more of them already. For most such programs you do not need to actually purchase FSUIPC4. That deal, for their access, will often have been already done by the add-on program makers.

    But, in addition, FSUIPC4 contains a number of useful features for you, the Flight Simulator user, features that can assist you setting up the best simulation environment and making the best of what you have. It can do this because, by its very nature as an interface program, as a “puller of wires and pusher of switches” on behalf of external applications, it is also in the best position to help you do the same.

    To use these additional features you need to register your copy of FSUIPC4 here and obtain an Access Key, which will unlock them.

    Facilities provided to the Registered User of FSUIPC include:

    Joystick control facilities:

    • Facilities for joystick calibration – specifically, more accurate setting of dead zones and centres.
    • Joystick mapping for multi-engined aircraft throttles
    • Facilities for reverse thrust adjustment on each throttle, or via a separate reverser,
    • Joystick button programming, for any Flight Sim control, including those not available in FS’s own assignment menu.
    • Joystick buttons can also be made to produce key-presses, for instance when this is the only way to control an add-on aircraft panel or other accessory.
    • Joystick button assignments for Project Magenta controls, and for Roger Wilco’s PTT action.
    • Joystick button assignments for use by WideFS clients on Networked PCs.
    • All button assignments programmable separately for press and release
    • Facilities for analogue flap and spoiler setting, with detentes.
    • Facilities for analogue elevator, rudder and aileron trim setting.
    • PFC COM-port connected devices, operating through my PFCFSX DLL driver, can also have their switches and buttons programmed using the same facilities.
    • Capabilities for all of these things to be specific to an aircraft, automatically changing when you change aircraft.

    Direct axis assignments

    • Facilities for asignment of any Windows API (not DirectInput) joystick axis to any FS axis control, or sequences of other controls dependent upon axis range and direction of change.
    • Axes can be read as Windows Game controler calibrated values, or direct as ‘Raw’ values for setting specific values.
    • Capabilities for these things to be specific to an aircraft, automatically changing when you change aircraft.

    Key press programming facilities:

    • Key-press programming, for any Flight Sim control, including those not available in FS’s own assignments dialogues.
    • FS controls can be sent with fixed parameter, for use in setting specific analogue values.
    • Key-press combinations including TAB, MENU and WIN as extra shifts, for many more assignment possibilities.
    • Key-press assignments for Project Magenta controls, and for Roger Wilco’s PTT action.
    • Key-press assignments for use by WideFS7 clients on Networked PCs
    • All key-press operations programmable separately for press and release, and for specific aircraft or general.
    • A page of special Hot Key programmable functions for some special FSUIPC4 actions, such as clearing the weather, setting STD altimeter,
    • switching throttle sync on and off, and hiding/viewing the FS message window.
    • an intelligent AI Traffic Limiting option, so that the slider can be higher for more variety but without excessive traffic affecting performance

    Assorted ‘fixes’ and improvements, including:

    • Extending the FS aircraft battery life, when the engines aren’t running to maintain them. This seems to be very useful still, as none of the default aircraft, at least, yet have true APU simulation nor external power connections.
    • Synchronising the FS clock seconds (and minutes, within reason) with the PC it is running in, so that it doesn’t lose or gain time when running at normal simulation speeds.
    • Optional addional FSX menu items for loading Flights and Plans from any folder.
    • Removing unwanted spikes from main aircraft controls (as generated, for instance, by some panels).

    Many weather filtering options:

    • Too numerous to mention here, and not all fully useful yet due to FSX problems which will be resolved in due course. Please keep an eye on the Support Forum, where developments will be announced.
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    Также доступны


    Flight Simulator X (2006), Prepar3D 1.4, Prepar3d V2, Prepar3d V3.x
    NOT compatible with MSFS : Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)


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    Excellent program from a very dedicated developer. Thanks for all your work, Pete.
    Long LONG time user of this product. It's one of the must haves for any simmer, and I'm no exception. Beyond the WideFS ability, which I make full use of, I also enjoy it's inbuilt autosave feature (nothing worse than being on approach after an 8-hour flight only for the sim to crash and leave you in the lurch) and the weather smoothing to try and counter FSX's bad weather engine. Now that I'm finally looking to upgrade to Prepar3D 5, I look forward to purchasing FSUIPC6

    Alexandre Gabriel Gomes

    Realmente este complemento é primordial para o FSX. Sem ele FSX não teria a magia que tem, parabéns ao desenvolvedor, fantástico.

    Ole Henrik

    After trying to cross the pond from Dubai to Toronto 2 times, with CTDs, I decided to buy full version of FSUIPC4. And I must say, what an addon! Not only does it give u more options in terms of mapping ur gear (joysticks, rudderpedals etc.), but the great faeture of autosave really comes in handy for me! Made a 3rd attempt in reaching Toronto, but got a CTD over the UK! Guess what? FSUIPC saved everything! EVERYTHING! PMDG 777: FMC-data, speeds, altitudes, correct fuel.... everything! Wow! This, is a must! I cant imagine my sim without it!5/5 from me! :D


    This is one essential item for every simmer. There is a free version as well, but this one gives you so much more. Never leave home without it!


    Well, I skipped from x-plane 10 to Prepar3d V3, after trying to get my Saitek throttle quadrants working close to the A320 original in XP for around two month - without any major success, sadly. With P3d and FSUIPC it was just around 4 hours of work, then the thing was done. So if you really want your flight sim hard ware working close to the originals, FSUIPC is the product I would recommend. You can assign Flaps and Spoilers detents, independent engine lever settings (thus making use of assymetic thrust possible) and you also have the possibility to assign auto save in regular intervals. Well Done, Pete. Thanks for your efforts.




    I have used FSUIPC now for probably about five years. I can't imagine flight simming without it. I use it for both FSX and P3Dv3.5. With this tool, all your controller profiles will load with your aircraft. For instance, if I'm using the A2A C172, my throttles are the vernier (pull type) throttles and they load and are set up correctly with all of my buttons and keys because of the profile in FSUIPC. Then if I fly my PMDG 737, my throttles are the duel levers and it will load with all of my settings, buttons and keys, ready to fly. With this tool available, I cannot imagine why anyone would use the axis, button and key settings in the P3D or FSX menus.


    I simply cannot use FSX/P3D with this tool. This tool is very handy for mapping your joystick, and with the auto-save feature, I could do a trans-pacific flight without worrying about my flight simulator crashing!


    a good program for flight simulator, it is a good work from pete downson.


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