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    Updated Version 2.99.80 August 31st 2023

    *** If you have the old version installed, please delete it before installing the new update to avoid errors ***


    We are proud to present our second product for MSFS. This time is taking care of the details and functionality to the maximum allowed by Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2020. Like others developed by us, this product keeps beginners and flight simmers in mind. However, it fulfills our policies for basic standards, and its price makes it very affordable for all customers. THIS IS NOT A STUDY-LEVEL PRODUCT! This time we deliver three models: ERJ170, ERJ175, and ERJ175, with Winglets extended and 30 repaints in UHD format to avoid losing details. The following repaints are included with our package.:




































    This product includes:


    -Native code for MSFS in model exterior and interior, using current Asobo and original templates.

    -The checklist is fully operative and recommended to use to understand the engine starting process fully.

    -Light effects with in-panel Flood Management.

    -Wiper animation operative.

    -Contact points available in Ground service and its animations.

    -External effects of engines.


    -Displays of default airplanes adapted for our model and original system (ECAM) and EICAS display.

    -FMS default used by A320 (easier to understand and use if you are familiar with the A320 NEO in MSFS).

    -Own sounds compiled in WWISE format.

    -Textures in UHD 4K.

    -Flight Attendant voices in 6 languages selectable 

    -VR use tested with META Oculus Quest 2 and working perfectly.

    All searching for our product can be used under Asobo standards (we are thankful for their collaboration) to avoid errors on our part. If there exists some error in displays or systems, these would be fixed by Asobo in updates. Please report these in the MSFS forums.

    We created videos with instructions at this time, as we are not issuing a USER MANUAL. These videos are published here in this store and are available on our website by navigating the menu PRODUCTS->TUTORIALS. For other concerns, please get in touch with us at our email support@virtualcol.com.


    WARNING: As there are included videos with functionality, sound, details, cockpit, and exterior, we ask that you see them first before you make your purchase.  All information provided is here NO REFUNDS GIVEN! Please refrain from contacting us for these requests, as they will not be attended to. If the product presents an error, it will be solved by updates. However, it has been sufficiently tested to confirm that if there are errors, these will be minimal. Please contact our support by email at support@virtualcol.com and send your case so we can help you.


    This product features our simInstaller technology and is available after purchase via our APP only.


    Minimum requirements similar to those needed to use MSFS. If your simulator works well, our product works well because it is developed for low resource consumption.


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    Preis, Leistung Tip Top. Sehr schöner Feierabendflieger.


    Last update 2.48 is a good one! i bought this AC from release, and had my ups and downs with it, espesially with the auto pilot. now i feel it's comming around, with this update. the autopilot is much better, and the handeling of the AC is far better. if you'r looking for "study level" it's not there, but enjoying a flight with an E175, i can now say it's there! hope for more of these updates to come, and get this plane to were it should be! thnx VCOL.


    Needs to be optimized and updated to work better... overall is alright. Not super fun.
    I have tried a few flights and I've had to break off all of them because of the plane's erratic behavior. AP is not functioning well. The Plane suddenly starts descending during the climb (Flight level change activated on AP) without reason. I can't reach a cruise altitude of 29.000 feet without reaching stall speed (else I am overspeeding according to the speed tape. Can't get faster than 180 knots at 28.000 feet). Mind that an Embraer 175 has a service ceiling of 40.000 feet, so the flight model isn't accurate too. In its current state, the plane is unflyable for me. I hope the developers releasing patches soon.


    I know this aircraft got a lot of hate, and some of it I can understand but once you learn the quirks I can honestly say it's a lot of fun to fly. Sure it's not a study-level aircraft but until there's something better it definitely does the job


    I just tested the update and my feedback is quite positive. The work done corrects almost everything that has been reported, the AP works, the MCDU is functional but be careful to follow the tutorials and enter all the information, especially in the different phases otherwise you will not know how to manage the speeds in AT. Otherwise the autobrake selector works correctly and the airplane no longer falls in AP during the approach. There is still the overspeed but I can live with it because it is visual and does not affect the aircraft itself In short, now for the price we have a decent plane that we can have fun with


    UPDATE: The thrust reversers do work and they are indicated and animated. However, I found other things wrong. The experience is still not pleasant. I have tried many hours with with this airplane but the AP is super buggy. The managed vs selected speed during phases of flight are wonky in the FMC. For instance the FMC automatically chose to descend but it never stopped descending. And trying to arrest the decent and level off took a lot of work no matter what I did it kept descending. It took shutting off every AP switch setting and then trying again. I had a competitors product for FSX and it did not behave in this fashion. I have watched many videos on the jet but all the suggestions seem like bandaids or workarounds rather than us just not understanding how it works. The take off characteristics are awful, the plane is way too twitchy. Does not work like the real airplane. The more I fly it the worse it gets. If they could fix the autopilot logic to mirror the real airplane more closely and get the flight dynamics better I'd give it three stars. If they got rid of the excessive scratching on the windshield and overhead textures and improved the custom gauges I'd give it 4 stars. but there is too much that is off. We know the E190/195 is coming next so since they have the same cockpit just take the time to fix everything that is wrong.


    Vorweg: Ich bewerte es anhand des Preises und im Vergleich zum Produkt von Virtualcol Emb für den FS2004 und Produkte in dieser Preisklasse und ähnlicher Komplexität. Optisches Modell: Es sieht aus wie ein vom FSX umgewandeltes Modell. Das äußere Modell/Texturen sieht nicht schlecht aus. Aber es sind viele Lackierungen dabei, also ist es in Ordnung. Die Navigationslichter sind viel zu klein und tagsüber kaum sichtbar. Das Cockpit sieht nicht viel besser aus als ein FS2004 / FSX 3D Cockpit. Damit könntet man aber leben. Funktion: Der Autopilot hat gravierende Mängel (auch im Vergleich zu FS Default Flugzeugen). Bei Kursänderungen ist es kaum möglich, die Höhe zu halten, man muss vor allem nach dem Start vorsichtig sein und manuell gegensteuern. Es ist am besten, nur bis zu einer Höhe von mindestens 5000 ft manuell zu fliegen. Es ist wichtig, die gewünschten Geschwindigkeiten vorab im FMS unter Perf auf den Start-, Steig-, crz- und Approach-Seiten einzugeben, wenn Sie Autothrottle (AT) verwenden möchten. Der sicherste Weg scheint mir der VS- und der FLCH-Modus zu sein, um die Höhe zu ändern. Gerade beim Sinkflug übersteuert der Autopilot und man kommt schnell unter die gewünschte Höhe. Sehr gefährlich. Meiner Meinung nach ist der Autopilot und FMC nicht ausgereift. Ein ILS-Anflug funktioniert nicht richtig. Mehrere Anflüge versucht und der Autopilot ist nicht in der Lage, Kurs und Gleitweg zu erfassen und zu halten. Typisch für den EMB170 ist die Anzeige des Höhenprofils (das FS2004-Modell hat es verstanden). Dies fehlt völlig. Ich möchte gar nicht darauf eingehen, wie der Overhead funktioniert, er ist rudimentär modelliert. Hinweis: Andere Mods müssen ausgeschaltet sein. Flugdynamik: Besonders wackelig ist das Flugzeug beim Aufsetzen. Wenn Sie vorsichtig sind, können Sie landen. Aber das ist schwierig, wenn Autopilot und ILS nicht funktionieren. Zusammenfassung: Das Flugzeug ist nicht fertig für den Preis UND im Vergleich zum Virtualcol FS2004 Modell und FS Default Fliegern. Ich benutze den FS2004 gelegentlich und die Systemtiefe und Funktionen sind selbst bei den Virtualcol Produkten besser. Berücksichtigen muss man , dass es wohl im FS2020 schwieriger ist, eigene Cockpits zu erstellen, doch es sollte funktionieren.Dies ist eine Beta-Version. Ich hoffe, dass Virtualcol seine Hausaufgaben gut macht, denn 25 € ist es nicht wert. Trotz der negativen Bewertungen bin ich das Risiko eingegangen. Daher MÜSSEN Verbesserungen vorgenommen werden.


    Update of my previous review: -Follow all tutorials as shown and you will not have any problem to fly the aircraft. Is not an study level, but it will help if you are a begginer or just you love the Embraer series. -For overspeed, push the Master warning and continue climbing at your desired airspeed. At the external view, you can see the real "air speed indicator" at the left side, aprox at FL270 is at 320kts (VNO).


    Review EMB Virtualcol Emb-170/175 First of all: I will rate it on the basis of the price and in comparison to the product from Virtualcol Emb for the FS2004 and products in this price range and similar complexity to be expected! Optical model: It looks like a model converted from FSX. The outside model/textures doesn't look bad. There is something similar in this quality but as freeware. But you will get a lot of liveries, so it is ok. The nav lights are much too small and hardly visible during the day. The cockpit doesn't look much better than an FS2004 / FSX 3 D cockpit. You could live with that. Function: The autopilot has serious shortcomings. It is hardly possible to maintain the altitude when changing course, you have to be careful and counter-steer manually, especially after the start. It is best to only fly manually up to at least 5000 ft, which is not the point. It is important to enter the desired speeds in advance in the FMS under perf on the take off, climp, crz and approach pages if you want to use autothrottle (AT). The safest way to me seems to be the VS and the FLCH mode to change the altitude. Especially when descending, the autopilot overshoots and you quickly get below the desired altitude. Very dangerous. In my opinion, the autopilot and FMC is not mature. An ILS capture does not work properly. Tried several approaches and the autopilot is unable to capture and hold course and glideslope. Typically for the EMB170 is a display of the elevation profile (the FS2004 model got it). This is completely absent. I don't even want to go into how the overhead works, it is rudimentarily modeled. Note: Other mods must be switched off. Flight dynamics: The plane is particularly shaky when landing/touch down. If you are careful, you can land. But that's difficult when the autopilot and ILS are not working. Summary: The plane is also not finished for the price AND compared to the Virtualcol FS2004 model. I use the FS2004 occasionally and the system depth and functions are much better. This is a beta version. I hope that Virtualcol does its homework a lot, because it is not worth 25 €. I took the risk despite the negative reviews. Therefore, improvements MUST be made, perhaps through the community if necessary.


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