A2A SIMULATIONS - 力量之翼 - 亨克尔 HE219 猫头鹰 FS2004
A2A SIMULATIONS - 力量之翼 - 亨克尔 HE219 猫头鹰 FS2004
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  • A2A SIMULATIONS - 力量之翼 - 亨克尔 HE219 猫头鹰 FS2004
  • A2A SIMULATIONS - 力量之翼 - 亨克尔 HE219 猫头鹰 FS2004
  • A2A SIMULATIONS - 力量之翼 - 亨克尔 HE219 猫头鹰 FS2004
  • A2A SIMULATIONS - 力量之翼 - 亨克尔 HE219 猫头鹰 FS2004
  • A2A SIMULATIONS - 力量之翼 - 亨克尔 HE219 猫头鹰 FS2004
  • A2A SIMULATIONS - 力量之翼 - 亨克尔 HE219 猫头鹰 FS2004
  • A2A SIMULATIONS - 力量之翼 - 亨克尔 HE219 猫头鹰 FS2004
  • A2A SIMULATIONS - 力量之翼 - 亨克尔 HE219 猫头鹰 FS2004
  • A2A SIMULATIONS - 力量之翼 - 亨克尔 HE219 猫头鹰 FS2004
  • A2A SIMULATIONS - 力量之翼 - 亨克尔 HE219 猫头鹰 FS2004
  • A2A SIMULATIONS - 力量之翼 - 亨克尔 HE219 猫头鹰 FS2004
  • A2A SIMULATIONS - 力量之翼 - 亨克尔 HE219 猫头鹰 FS2004
  • A2A SIMULATIONS - 力量之翼 - 亨克尔 HE219 猫头鹰 FS2004
  • A2A SIMULATIONS - 力量之翼 - 亨克尔 HE219 猫头鹰 FS2004
  • A2A SIMULATIONS - 力量之翼 - 亨克尔 HE219 猫头鹰 FS2004
  • A2A SIMULATIONS - 力量之翼 - 亨克尔 HE219 猫头鹰 FS2004
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  • Unprecedented authenticity inside and out
  • Canopy and pilot seats eject
  • Built with the very latest “Absolute realism” flight technology
    • Can be flown “by the book”
    • Built from actual aircraft tests
    • “Absolute Realism” means the entire flight envelope is modeled via the actual pilot’s training manuals
      • Authentic power characteristics of the supercharged piston engine with various combinations of the MW-50 and GM-1 boost systems
      • Realistic cruise performance under various conditions with realistic fuel economy
      • Absolute Realism even delivers authentic “distance-to-altitude” performance under various power settings
      • High engine torque means full power cannot be applied with brakes on or aircraft will “nose over”
  • Gorgeously constructed aircraft, inside and out, down to the last rivet
    • Oxygen flow and tank gauges
    • “History in a box” with almost every single item historically correct and clickable
    • First authentic reflector gunsight with day and night settings
    • Retractable bulletproof windscreen
    • Extendable ladder
  • Professionally recorded and mastered engine sounds
    • Latest generation engine sound including realistic prop effects
    • Stall buffet, canopy, ground roll, flaps, gyro, and authentic cockpit wind
    • Special canopy pressurizing and release sounds
  • Authentic drop tank release actually drops both fuel and weight
  • Both modern and veteran warbird pilots helped create the “feel” of flight
  • “Wings of Power “Special Effects” package includes:
    • Historically accurate lighting for stunning nighttime visuals
    • Realistic startup visuals modeled after the real aircraft
    • Belly landings with realistic effects and physics programming
  • Shockwave’s new standard for high quality manuals
    • Full sized (11” X 8 ½”), 92-page landscape manual with authentic performance and function
    • Absolute Realism Certified Specifications


Heinkel's He 219 Uhu is undoubtedly one of the most advanced aircraft to emerge from World War II. Conceived solely as a gun platform to serve as a defensive night fighter, the plane featured a bubble-top cockpit that was well forward, affording the pilot superb visibility. The cockpit was equipped with ejection seats, and was exceptionally well laid out. All controls were easy to reach and identify. Combined with the tricycle landing gear, this plane was truly a "pilot's aircraft" and was very easy to fly. It was stable and predictable, exactly what one would expect from a plane with the Uhu's intended purpose. The earlier versions were adequately powered by the Daimler-Benz DB 603A, and had good rates of climb and acceptable top speeds approaching 400 mph. However, later versions of the He 219 were much heavier, and because the more advanced, powerful engines were in short supply, these variants suffered in performance.

The He 219 was a superb and lethal gun platform and the later versions packed as many as eight cannon, including the potent 30mm "Schrage Musik" which fired upward into a bomber's belly at an oblique angle. These accompanied as many as six forward-firing cannon. The "Uhu" was absolutely devastating to any aircraft that came into range of its guns. This was accomplished through the use of radar, a new technology. Ground-based stations would direct the night fighter to the bomber stream, and when in range, the Uhu's radar operator would then take over and guide the pilot to within 100 meters of the target. The bristling antennae were ugly and added a lot of drag, reducing the aircraft's ultimate top speed substantially. But without the radar the plane would have been useless at night, and since the Uhu was still about 150 mph faster than the Allied four-engine bombers, this was really not a handicap. Some of the latest versions were used to track, hunt down, and kill the Mosquito bombers, which were a much more challenging quarry than the lumbering four-engine craft comprising most of the night fighter's prey.

In the end, the He 219 fell victim to bad decision-making and was too little, too late. But it was the most advanced aircraft for its time, signaling the shape of things to come.

DEVINCI - 塞内加尔-达喀尔国际机场 GOBD MSFS
Amazing work Sir, Its Rare to see this level of quality in an African Field but youve really done this scenery justice. Thank you so much for your good work and looking forward to seeing more from you
Great Addon, but when i pressed "master ARM" the game crashed
In fact don't forget to use modern flight mode with this plane that refuse to fly with classical fly setup but flying honestly like real ULM in modern fly mode plane nicely build very accurate détails thanks at Nemeth for support customer
This airplane is utterly brilliant. Don't be intimidated - even its "RIP edition" (one of the three variants, with the most difficult controls) is not as impossible to fly as it sounds, and the more practical Gnome-engined version is even somewhat pleasant to operate for cross-country hops! However flying it is still a whole different ball game from what you might be used to - and it truly feels nothing like any of the stock airplanes in MSFS, or indeed any of the add-ons so far. This plane is a handful, and has virtually no safety margins built into it - or instruments for that matter. It's just you and the unkind forces of nature... Visually it's pretty nice. There are some glitches I've noticed when using external camera (wing warping controls cause the wings to do something they shouldn't be able to!) which I'm sure will be quickly fixed up and doesn't detract from the experience. Flying it from the cockpit is extremely enjoyable - surprisingly, this actually actually offers a near-unobstruct-
ed view in most directions, since there's very little airplane to speak of between you and the sim world (just a sparse wooden frame and a pair of warping canvas wings). Doing anything in this airplane feels like an accomplishment unto itself, so even short flights are very rewarding. Yes, you will be fighting seemingly unstoppable oscillations during flight with near-inadequate controls - but that is exactly the correct behaviour. Flying a straight line for even a few seconds is a real feat for this one. In short - if you love early aviation, or just want something really different in your sim - I think this Bleriot is a must-have!
CELESTIAL TEAM 2 - 中国-沈阳桃仙国际机场 ZYTX P3D4.5-5
It seems that the scencry studio had made great prgress.althoug-
h the SODE jetways looks a little imperfect,other details appear to be good.Favorable comments
Nice model but something is wrong with the weight calculation. With the normal weights it's for me total unstable to fly. After reducing the weight of the pilot to 8 lbs ;) the aircraft flies stable and is also easy to control. So it’s fun to fly. An own pilot model would be nice. And a revision of the motor sound and the brake noise would be great. At the moment i giving the aerolite 3 stars.
JUSTSIM - 法国-巴塞尔-米卢斯·弗赖堡欧洲机场 LFSB MSFS
Another very nice airport by the developer. Nice gates, textures are crisp and clean, terminal is alive. Nice job!
Very nice airport for the price. Likely worth more based on the other airports here...Very detailed, nice texture. Definitely worth it. Another place to stop around the alps.
LN DESIGN - 卡维克河畔营地 - RK1 MSFS
Very beautiful scenery! if you like Alaska panorama and the "life below zero" tv series you must have it if you don't like it, you must have it anyway
Bought it on the Wings42 Website: Awe-
some Aircraft that gives you insight to the early days if flying. The Model and Textures are superior with lots of Details. The Flightmodel feels really nice to handle and quite tricky due to the low power this aircraft has. I really like that it comes with 3 Versions and loads of Liveries. I can definitely recommend it to people that love old airplanes