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    This book concentrates on the practical use of X-Plane. (Setting up information can be found in my other books.)

    The idea is first to use the introductory tutorial flights included in X-Plane 12 to deal with questions that a newcomer to X-Plane would have. Then, as the tutorials become more complicated, I add more comments and explanations while keeping it very hands-on and practical.

    The whole approach is to follow along step-by-step to gain a basic feel for what is happening and then develop that feel into a skill.

    Once we have gone through the fundamental “mission-type” tutorials (produced by Laminar Research) and dealt with many likely questions, we begin an actual flight in full detail. (187 pages of detail for a two-hour flight!)

    Apart from being realistic, the practicality of the flight will use the problems we are likely to encounter to introduce X-Plane features.

    We will be going through the whole procedure using a checklist (which is bundled with the e-book and loaded into X-Plane’s checklist system), which is based on the real-world Cessna 172S, but contains a bunch of extra flight stuff and page references to the E-Book text applicable at that particular stage of the flight.


    There are three sections:


    The pages dedicated to the Laminar Tutorials just add a few questions and answers and some guidance to the existing tutorials bundled with X-Plane 12.


    The Take-off and Landing tutorials go into matters much more deeply than the superficial Flight-school tutorials..


    The bulk of the e-book is the detailed IFR and VFR flight from PAJN to PAKT and will cover step-by-step:

    • Preflight procedures

    • Starting the engine

    • Filing a flight plan and creating one for the G530 moving map.

    • Talking to ATC and following ATC’s instructions

    • Taxiing and Take off

    • Using some of the navigational instruments

    • Navigating with VORs and extensive use of the CDI

    • Saving and restoring a flight and the “gotchas” involved

    • Sightseeing and Screenshots

    • The autopilot

    • Weather

    • Landing without ATC in a traffic pattern in bad weather

    • Checklists

    • Replays

    At the end of some sections, there is a genuine report by a novice X-Plane user on where he had problems and lessons that he learnt.


    Length – 263 pages – 131 double-spreads.
    Checklist file included as well.


    This book is about how to use X-Plane 12, not how to set it up. My approach is one of “hands-on try it and see”.

    While this book is called "Introduction..." it is much more than this. It can be used by the absolute beginner to X-Plane who is also new to flying in general.

    But it can also be used by the seasoned real-world pilot.


    Really? How is that possible?


    As a total beginner, you go through this book step-by-step. The first time you try to go right through it, you will crash or try to do something aeronautically illegal or impossible.

    Or you’ll press the wrong key or click where you shouldn’t...

    You will have to restart X-Plane hundreds of times, but you will learn a little more every time you do so. Eventually, you will complete the tutorials and the main flight without getting thrown out of X-Plane. Then what? You do it all again, and then again, this time a little faster, and then again faster still. Gradually you will understand more and more - particularly if you consult Aunty Google often!


    The experienced pilot will approach this book slightly differently. You will know exactly what to do and understand what is happening, but X-Plane will still humble you! The idea is for you to learn how to access the basic controls and to see how X-Plane allows you to simulate actual flying.

    Sure, let’s face it, a simulator is not the real thing, but it sure is a help in keeping your skills sharp when it’s raining outside.

    Written by Dave Britzius

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