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    Photo Terrain Scenery for FS2004:
    Lima, Trujillo, Iquitos, Pucallpa and Chimbote
    Peru North and Lima SRTM Mesh terrain with LOD9 (Real elevations)
    Kuelap Ruins in Chachapoyas
    Marriot Hotel in Lima
    ATC in Towered airports
    New Cajamarca Runway with 2500 x 45 Meters.


    The Scenery Perú  for  Ms. Flight Simulator 2004 offers to virtual pilots the possibility of flying through "25 airports" and "55 aerodromes", exploring the tourist and geographic marvels of Peru.

    The Scenery is virtual, in other words, is a copy of the Peruvian territory. The Scenery includes the cities and towns of Peru. To find the airports and Aerodromes visually, you can locate those following the course of the more important rivers and highways such as the "Pan Americana" among others.

    The Scenery Peru North and Lima v2.63 is NOT compatible with previous Flight Simulator versions due to the scenery uses the new Fs2004 scenery codes and FS2004 programming techniques.

    The scenery uses Exclude that are included in the BGL scenery file, that serve to delete the default FS2004 scenery under the Scenery Peru North & Lima area, to avoid the duplication of Runways, buildings and 3D objects.

    The scenery incorporates more than 146 Flatten Swith into the scenery files BGL, making unnecessary the modification of the FS2004 SCENERY.CFG file, these Flatten Switches serve to flatten small areas under Airports, cities and towns.

    All the 3D objects and buildings uses the FS2004 night lighting techniques, making the scenery more realistic.

    The scenery is on top of the Peru North and Lima Mesh Terrain (Digital elevation Model DEM - SRTM), making more realistic the scenery.

    The Airports and Aerodromes were designed with Peruvian Aeronautic Diagrams, that have the latest updates like runway extensions and  improvements in some Airports and Aerodromes.

    I have respected the geographic coordinates and elevations of the Navaids and runways. The true coordinates, heading, lenghts and elevations of the runways are officials and the landing approaches are the same that are included on the JEPPESEN and AIP charts. Some FS2004 airports aren't placed on the true geographic coordinates nor the true runway headings.

    The roads, rivers, lakes, cities and towns, are over the Mesh Terrain, in other words the roads climb and descend the mesh terrain contour, the rivers descend by the valleys, the lakes, lagoons, cities and towns are on top of mountains. The coast lines are more accurate and smooth than the FS2004 coastlines.

    The airport terminals and the building use the FS2004 styles, the buildings have several kind of textures, windows, roof styles and various shapes.

    The Collique aerodrome is located in the real position, the north zone of the Lima city now have the real height due to the Peru North & Lima Mesh Terrain files.

    The scenery includes more than 100 buildings in the Lima area with the FS2004 styles.

    The scenery roads have different designs according to the Peruvian geographic area, in the coast the roads have asphalt with center lines, in the andes and jungle the roads have concrete with center lines, and in some cases the roads have dirt.

    The scenery roads show from 2 lanes to 10 lanes in the express ways, furthermore have the true width due to the FS2004 default roads have 30 meters of with. 

    The rivers have the true width and colors, due to the FS2004 rivers have 10 meters of width and some have dirt colors.

    All the default FS2004 airports and Aerodromes have been replaced by the Scenery Peru North & Lima v2.63 to assure the higher accuracy in the geographic coordinates, heading and elevation in the Airports and Aerodromes, which now have more illumination and are updated with the latest Aeronautical information.

    The SRTM Mesh terrain corrects the elevations of the entire Peru North & Lima scenery from Lat: 2* 0' 0" S to Lat: 13* 0' 00" S by the south.

    The scenery uses pictures  on BMP format with 16 bits to give more realism to the terrain and 3D objects.

    The scenery includes:

    • The(35) Peru north and Lima NavAids like (VOR,NDB and ILS) with the true covering the start from 150 Nautical miles to 200 Nautical Miles, includes the new Jaen VOR.
    • The Peruvian topography, the coastlines with great detail, the Andes mountains, the jungle, deserts, lagoons, snow picks, tablelands, etc.
    • 3D objects like bridges, buildings, antennas, trees, static planes and more.
    • The scenery has more than 100 buildings in the Lima area with the FS2004 styles.
    • The new Jaen Airport with 2400x45 meters totally with asphalt.
    • Frequencies, positions and updated airport information, which are included in the electronic manual in WORD format and TXT format, for print it if you want.
    • Lima, Trujillo, Iquitos, Pucallpa and Chimbote PhotoTerrain scenery, designed from LANSAT Satellite pictures with a resolution of 4.8 meters x pixel.
    • Peru North and Lima SRTM Mesh Terrain with LOD9 (78 Meters)
    • Kuelap Ruins in Chachapoyas
    • Marriot Hotel in Lima
    • ATC in Towered airports
    • New Cajamarca Runway with 2500 x 45 Meters.

    The scenery has 3 purposes:

    1. The Scenery is professional, can be used by professional pilots or by virtual pilots.
    2. Can be used for  recreation  to fly by Peru and know it of a  never possible way.
    3. Can be used to make virtual turism, you can fly by  Peru and know all its tourist attraction, from a never possible perspective, you can see volcanoes, deserts, rivers, harbors, peninsulas, cities and towns. 
    Jorge Chávez Intl. airport. * Tumbes airport. *
    Talara airport. * Piura airport. *
    Chiclayo airport * Trujillo airport.*
    Arequipa airport Tacna airport.
    Iquitos airport * Pucallpa airport.*
    Cuzco airport Andahuaylas airport.
    Ayacucho Airport Ilo airport
    Juliaca Airport Pto. Maldonado airport
    Pisco Airport Tarapoto airport. *

    System requirements:
    Pentium III 400 Mhz
    256 Mb de RAM
    3D Video Card with 32 MB of Memory.
    600 MB of Hard Disk space

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